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Every Little Bit Counts, Right?

If you have been following Strange Bikinis through the years then you know we are passionate about many things; Adventure, body positivity, healthy living, being kind, women owned business, entrepreneurism, the environment and now we can say that we are making huge gains in each of these areas. Keep reading!
While closing out 2019 we’ve been working rapidly to bring yet another rad collection to all you Strangers for Spring 2020, and we have some awesome surprises in store for you! We’re bringing back a couple different styles, introducing a couple of new styles, and sourcing the best fabric around. This season we’re introducing the first bikini of its kind featuring several biodegradable fabrics.Yes, you heard that right, biodegradable! What does biodegradable mean? It means that the fabric is capable of being decomposed by anaerobic bacteria after several years in a landfill! This fabric does not breakdown into smaller pieces of plastic, rather it is consumed by bacteria to become organic compounds. We know what you might be thinking "So my swimsuits will decompose while I'm wearing it?" Biodegradable does NOT mean that your rad kinis are going to fall apart after you wear them in the water. They’re simply going to decompose once your ‘kini has lived its life to the fullest.
Our brand has been sustainable since it was founded in 2012 and we want to continuously become more and more sustainable every year. We hope our only footprint in the future is how amazing our suits made you feel! We make our ‘kinis small batch in the USA and we are knowledgeable about what fully goes on in our factory. We make our ‘kinis high quality so that you don't have to keep spending money on what you want, and we go with quality over quantity. In our kini making process we care about who we pay, the pollution going in and out of our products, and everything in between.
As consumers, YOU have the power. Your vote is where you spend your dollars and you can vote by buying ethically made products. So go out and support local sustainable businesses. It's not easy as a small business to take steps into eco-production, it's quite expensive, but IT'S IMPORTANT TO US. It's a hard balance of loving fashion and producing thousands of garments each year while also wanting to limit our own waste and pollution impact. Insane new designs at the drop of a hat or environmentally friendly? Ali has strong feels for both sides of the spectrum, however by converting our fabrics from standard NYLON/POLY to a biodegradable NYLON/POLY we can sleep soundly at night knowing that we are doing something to improve the future.
What are some of the things you care about when it comes to fashion and consumerism? Do you think it's awesome what we are doing or could you not care less? It's OK if you're not into the ECO side of things, the fabric feels and acts the same exact way as 2019-buttery soft and oh so yummy on the skin. We'd love to hear from you whether it's your support, questions/concerns or you just want to say hi. Thanks for reading!


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