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Our Story

Our suits are handmade in small batches using eco-friendly and silky fabrics that fit your body perfectly, every time. The styles are inspired by the mountains and the desert but are born to travel. We think the Strangest thing of all is being an American-based, completely transparent company and we pride ourselves on being completely open with you with every aspect of how our suits are made.


 Here are some of our core values:

-Eco-Friendly Practices: we emphasize sustainability by using eco-friendly fabrics and materials. We often incorporate recycled nylon made of unused plastic bits from water bottles and fishing nets. We have also made the decision to, for the most part, eliminate hanging tags and garment bags since these items have a very short and superfluous use.

-An active lifestyle: We actively promote an active lifestyle and we aim to inspire everyone to live a life outdoors. We love sun, water, and any Strange territory we can find.

-Handmade and Customizable: We handmade and customizable swimwear options. While we don’t often custom swimsuits anymore (but sometimes do, so check with us!), most of our items are adjustable to fit different body types. We also make most of our bikinis reversible, so you get two for the price of one!

-Local Production: We focus on local production, with all of our swimwear being made in the USA. This supports local economies and ensures high-quality manufacturing standards.

-Unique Designs: We are known for our distinctive and stylish designs and our super soft fabric, we often feature bold prints, vibrant colors, and innovative cuts that stand out from typical swimwear offerings.

-Community and Social Impact: We often engage with our community through events, social media, and collaborations. Our goal is to inspire confidence and a sense of community among our customers.

Overall, Strange Bikinis is recognized for our commitment to sustainability, body positivity, and unique, customizable swimwear designs.


EST. 2011 by Alison Conway

Our Mission

Strange Bikinis is set out to make the raddest swimwear for women who Live Strangerously. We employ women who radiate self-love and want to share that love with the world. We inspire our community to embrace their strangeness. Our energy is.. "There is no one else in the world like us."

Our Vision

Women deserve to feel bad ass in a swimsuit. We make the highest quality with the lowest Environmental impact swimwear for those seeking adventure, comfort, style and steeze.


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