Bikini Size Chart: What Size Bikini Should I Buy?

Selecting an ideal swimwear involves far more than merely picking out one that catches your eye – especially if you are looking to purchase a bikini. Bikinis are the ultimate in daring swimwear. They are fun and even the thought of a bikini calls to mind the best of summer – warm weather, relaxation, and the beach. Plus, they allow you to soak up the maximum amount of Vitamin D and achieve a healthy, sun-kissed look throughout the summer.

For many women, shopping for bikinis can be a daunting task. Although bikinis can be flattering for all body types due to the variety of different cuts and styles, many strangers can struggle with finding the perfect one, the swimwear that would ensure they can hit the beach with full confidence. Often, this is due to a struggle with sizing. 

The first step in finding a bikini that will look stunning is understanding how to select the proper size for your body; this will allow you to find one that maximizes your assets and ensures you stay comfortable no matter how long you spend soaking up the sun.  

The first rule in shopping for a bikini is understanding that if you wear one size for a top, you don’t necessarily want to select the same size for the bottoms automatically. Choosing the right top and bottom should be approached as two separate tasks. 

We, like many retailers today, sell tops and bottoms separately, which means that in addition to selecting different sizes you can mix-and-match patterns and colors for a unique and highly personalized bikini that is exactly what you have been dreaming of.

Selecting the Right Bottoms

You may wait until you have picked out the top to your bikini, or you may start by selecting the right bottoms depending on which piece will likely be most challenging. Measuring bikini bottom size can prove to be very challenging. It may be helpful to take a few additional measurements. If you have an idea of how much coverage you would like to have with your ideal bottoms, you will want to measure:

  • Waist: Measure the circumference of your waist and look for bottoms whose width can cover it.
  • Bottom front: Measure from the middle of the front waist to the bottom of the crotch.
  • Bottom back: Measure from the middle of the back to the bottom of the crotch.

With these measurements in hand, you can then select bikini bottoms with the corresponding measurements.

how to measure bikini bottom size

Taking the extra time to get these measurements will ensure that you get the right fit, even if you are ordering online. If you get bottoms that are too big, the back will look saggy. For great options to pair with other body features, consider:

  • Wide hips: Consider choosing full-coverage bottoms of a solid color, which will make your hips appear more narrow and hide imperfections. 
  • Hourglass figure: String bikinis are ideal for bodies that have an hourglass shape, as they accentuate curves and call attention to the waist. 
  • Narrow hips: Bikini bottoms with a high cut will call attention to the hips and accentuate shapely legs. You can also consider those with embellishments, such as ties at the hips or a sash to further accentuate the area.

Selecting a Top

Selecting the right bikini top will be easier for some strangers than others. It all comes down to your body and how you want to accentuate your proudest features. 

Frequently, when looking at types of bikini tops (and bottoms, for that matter), experts will often refer to different body types. These are usually referenced as shapes (rectangle, triangle, etc.) or fruit (apple, pear, banana, etc.). If you are uncertain about what type of body shape you have, you can take measurements of your bust, waist, high hips, and hips then enter the data into a body shape calculator. This information can be very helpful in identifying the most flattering type of bikini top,

An overview of some bikini types and accessories, along with ideal body features, can also help determine which type of bikini top you’d like to select. If you would like swimwear that goes well with body features such as:

  • Small bust: Consider a bikini top with a striking print, a bold color, or embellishments such as ruffles, cut-outs, or jewels. There are also options with padding if you would like to further accentuate your chest and curves. 
  • Large bust: A bikini can be a challenge for full-busted women, so you must always look for one with great support, such as a halter-top, a racerback, or anything else with strong straps. The entire bikini should be made of strong materials to provide maximum support. 
  • Got a tummy?: If you are self-conscious about baring your midriff, you may want to consider a monokini, which will cover up part of your midsection. You can also pair your bikini with a sheer cover that draws attention to the entire ensemble to redirect attention. Pairing a top with bottoms that have a high cut can further draw attention away from unwanted regions.
  • Body asymmetry: If your body has asymmetry, (small chest but wide hips or narrow hips with a large chest), you can achieve a look that has more balance by pairing a patterned bikini piece with a non-patterned one. 

It’s also important to realize that different types of bikinis have different features. Our corset-style offers incredible flexibility for sizing since you can change the width of it and choose where to tie it. In addition to looking for a flattering bikini, make sure that you select one that stays in place, is comfortable enough so that you can live strangerously, and is made of durable (and biodegradable!) material. Following these guidelines will help you discover the best bikini for your body, no matter what beautiful shape you are.

Strange Bikinis offers a wide selection of bikini tops and bottoms that fit true to size. Visit our website today to discover your ultimate swimwear for this year!


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