What No One Tells You About Bathing Suits Made in the USA

What No One Tells You About Bathing Suits Made in the USA

For anyone trying to stock up on their summer swimwear options, they know there are a lot of options on the market. From size to cut to color and price, there are many different choices. 

However, discerning shoppers should understand that there are some key advantages to selecting American-made swimsuits. And the odds are better that they will find durable, long-lasting one-pieces and bikinis that they will still love and be able to wear for seasons to come.

American Made Bathing Suits Are Innovative, Durable, and High-Quality

As one of the top countries for innovation in all industries, the USA is often one of the first countries to introduce new technologies and breakthroughs. Those innovations that impact bathing suits are no exception. Recent breakthroughs have contributed to the development of materials that are more comfortable and durable, materials that can either stop UV rays or allow them through for tanning purposes and materials that resist degradation from exposure to salt or chlorine. 

In addition to innovation related to material, American made bathing suits are often crafted to the highest quality. Many swimwear producers in the USA, including Strange Bikinis, hand make some or all of the suits available for retail. 

The attention to detail that is found with American made suits often means you will have a one-piece or bikini that fits better and stands up to heavy use far more than other options.

American Made Bathing Suits are a Cost-Friendly Option

Anyone shopping for swimwear will quickly realize that American made ones often come with a higher price tag. The reason for this is that the inexpensive bikini and one-piece options found at big-box retailers often lack quality. The difference between an inexpensive and a high-quality swimsuit may not be obvious at first, but over time, cheaper suits can often degrade quickly. Their colors fade, the fabric distorts, and holes and tears quickly develop. 

Financially speaking, it’s far more economical to invest in a few quality suits that will stand up to wear and last for a few seasons to come rather than purchase many low-quality suits that need to be replaced quickly. Another key advantage in purchasing from an American made retailer is that they often offer free shipping for domestic orders, providing further incentive for making a smart USA-based purchase.

American Made Bathing Suits Capture Emerging Fashion Trends

Many American made swimsuits are crafted in smaller facilities by designers with a keen eye in spotting emerging global fashion trends. They can design and begin producing suits that incorporate these features quickly, meaning that you can rest easy knowing that you will have a unique one-piece or bikini that no one else will be wearing.

Many of the options at big-box retailers are often several years out of date, and their mass production often means the same suit can be found on multiple individuals at a crowded event or beach. But when you purchase an American made suit, your look will be distinct, and you will surely stand out from the crowd.

American Made Bathing Suits are Often More Eco-Friendly

As most of the world continues to embrace eco-friendly solutions for nearly all aspects of modern life, a dark picture has emerged showing that many cheaply-made swimsuits are composed of synthetic fibers. These fibers - such as nylon, polyester, and spandex - can release non-biodegradable tiny plastic fibers when immersed in water. These fibers contribute to the pollution of natural bodies of water on all continents.

Many American-based swimsuit manufacturing companies have shifted to a much more eco-friendly material and production process that uses biodegradable, recycled, or organic fabric. These companies often have access to the latest technologies, which can ensure that despite the biodegradable nature of the fabric, the suits themselves still remain durable, don’t stretch over time, and continue to promote the health of the planet so that future generations can enjoy water recreation.

American Made Bathing Suits Promote Ethical Labor

There has been an alarming number of scandals in recent years concerning athletic and swimwear production and human rights/worker violations. Unfortunately, many international manufacturers base their locations where labor is less costly, and the country of residence provides few protections for workers. In many instances, this leads to the use of forced labor and child labor, exposure to hazardous chemicals or dangerous working conditions, and gender-based pay differences. 

These terrible conditions are something that most consumers can agree that they wouldn’t support if they understood more about which companies engage in these practices, but it is hard to determine whether or not a single purchase from an international swimwear company would be tied to labor violations or not. 

Purchasing an American-made one-piece or bikini takes the guesswork out of this process and can provide the consumer with some peace of mind. The worker protections are far more stringent in the USA, making labor rights violations far less common. This ensures that those who contribute to making the swimwear are treated fairly and work in a humane environment. Purchasing from a USA-based swimwear manufacturer minimizes the changes that your purchase will contribute to global supply chains that promote unfair, dangerous, and even deadly working conditions – so you can feel great about your purchase!

Many women struggle with finding and purchasing a bathing suit they truly love, but this quest can be made far easier for most when they identify American made brands to patronize. The innovation, style, fit, comfort, and durability of these suits is often far superior to others on the market. And you can have some peace of mind knowing that they are often better for the environment and global supply chains. An added bonus is that you will also be purchasing a high-quality suit that will last, ensuring that you get your money’s worth from it. American made suits offer so many benefits that it should be an easy choice when you are shopping for your next bathing suit!


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