Why We Don't Use Bikini Padding

When shopping for a new bikini, many women gravitate to padded tops because they think that the bikini padding enhances their goods and provides better definition. Padding also prevents others from seeing the shape of one's nipple, so it can provide some women with a greater sense of security if they are feeling a bit insecure in a bathing suit (as the vast majority of women do).  

But there are many reasons to look for alternatives that don't include padding. If you are considering ditching padding in your bikinis, look no further; this list is for you. And even if you aren't currently considering it, you might, once you consider how compelling the case is for wearing bikinis without padding.

Bikinis Without Padding are More Comfortable 

Anyone who has ever purchased a bikini with padding knows that the padding will come out in the first wash. And then you are left with the task of trying to replace it through an undersized slit in the side, fumbling with it while only two or three fingers can try to smooth it out within the bikini. We have a technique for this here, it’s called the “taquito roll” helps to get the padding back in, but there’s still work to do once you do. 

The result is often that the padding is lumpy in all of the wrong spots, which ruins the bikini's look, and it is incredibly uncomfortable. And nothing can ruin a fun day in the sun quicker than being uncomfortable. If you wear a bikini without padding, you can be certain you won't spend the majority of your time adjusting it!

Bikinis Without Padding Look Better

While some individuals think that the padding can shape and enhance their bosom, there are many other ways to create this look using your natural assets. Whether you try tying your bikini in a creative and appealing way or selecting a more daring look, you can certainly achieve a look that is not only as stunning, but more so, than one featuring a padded bikini. Besides that, padding often isn't a perfect fit for most boobs, meaning that padded bikinis often work against the look that the wearer is trying to achieve. In many cases, the bikini will look better without any padding at all. 

Another big reason that women avoid bikinis without padding is that others may see their nipple if it becomes erect while wearing the bathing suit. But honestly? Big deal. Nipples are normal. People look at the nipples of tons of men without batting an eye while at the beach or pool, but heaven forbid it if we see the silhouette of a woman's covered nipple in a bikini?

Ditch the double-standard. Nipples should show while you are in a bathing suit. The water is generally a bit cooler than the surrounding air. Every single human being has nipples (some more than two😜), so nobody should give it a second thought if you can see them while in a bathing suit!

Bikinis Without Padding Are Less Wasteful

While some women still balk at the thought of wearing a bikini without padding, a sizeable portion have already embraced the idea of ditching bikini padding. For these women, padding is entirely unnecessary, and it usually ends up in the trash. But our planet cannot sustain excessive waste any longer. We have a looming climate crisis that is exacerbated by excessive waste.

 By selling bikinis without padding, Strange Bikinis recognizes that our customers want options. And we are able to give them options by including openings where customers can insert their own padding. This way, they can opt to wear our bikinis as they are, or you can add padding if you would like. Either way, it minimizes waste and ensures that our customers achieve the look they want.

Bikini Padding Can Impair Athletic Performance

While most individuals aren't professional or Olympic athletes, many of them come to the beach or pool to get a workout. At the very least, they might want to engage in some friendly recreation. Swimsuit padding can slow you down or get in the way. So if you are showing up and plan to be competitive, you may perform much better without the padding.

Bikini Padding Can Be Harmful to Your Health

While we think it's a great idea to ditch bikini padding for practical and aesthetic reasons, there is also an argument to be made that it can be beneficial to your health

Like padded and push-up bras, padded bikinis can have health consequences if they are worn frequently, such as:

  • Increased chances of breast cancer: Forcing breasts into an unnatural shape applies constant pressure to delicate tissue, which compresses and constricts lymphatic vessels, and limits blood flow. But the circulatory and lymphatic systems aid in the elimination of toxins. When bras and bikinis block this circulation, toxins can accumulate and contribute to cancer development in the breast tissue.
  • Damage to breast tissue: The restriction of blood flow in the breast area can lead to permanent alteration of the tissue. Padded bras and bikinis can also lead to the formation of lumps, fibrous tissues, and cysts in the breast.
  • Changing melatonin levels: Melatonin regulates sleep. Padded bras and bikinis can reduce melatonin levels and exacerbate sleeping problems.
  • Increased sagging: While many people like padded bras and bikinis because they pull the breast up against the force of gravity, the long-term effects of the padding can actually result in additional sagging of the breasts. 

The bottom line is that there are a ton of reasons to purchase and wear bikinis without padding. And wearing a bikini that shows the silhouette of a nipple is a non-issue for most people. Like many other insecurities people have with bathing suits, most others might not even notice a change.

Bikinis without padding look better. They feel better. They allow you to perform better. And they are better for your health. But most of all, Strange Bikinis promotes this philosophy because it is time to free the nipple – or at least, don't bury it under padding! They are a normal and natural part of our body – and just like every other part of our body, they deserve to be appreciated. 


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