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Getting Creative with Bikini Ties

There’s nothing better than finding a bikini that you love. But, what’s even better is finding a bikini that you love that can be worn in in a variety of ways. Bikini ties add to the flexibility.

The beautiful thing about many bikinis – and particularly string bikinis – is that they are versatile enough that you can completely transform your look by making a few changes to the way you are tying the ties. Have you considered the oh-so-many ways that you adjust your bikini ties to transform the look of your favorite swimwear?

Many videos highlight unique ways to transform your look by merely changing the bikini ties. You can identify up to 25 different ways to tie a string bikini for a unique and daring look every time with a little creativity. Learning different ways to tie your bikini means you will never run out of fun looks without having to spend more on swimwear.  

Here’s an overview of some of the quickest ways to transform your bikini strap style:

Front Cross: One of the easiest ways to shake it up is by merely crossing the ties in the front of your chest before then tying them together around your neck as you usually would. This extra step quickly adds a little bit of embellishment to your look.

Front Cross Bikini Ties


Choker: There were a lot of really rad things that came out of the 90s, and the neck choker was one of them. Chokers are making a big comeback and adding a choker to your bikini is simple and accentuates your neck and shoulders. Tie your bottom straps together in the mid-center of your back and bring the neckties up to the back of your neck. Rather than fastening them in a knot, though, simply cross them and wrap one strap around your neck, then tie them together. 

Simple Choker Bikini Ties


Strapless Bandeau: The bandeau can look amazing, and it’s relatively easy to change your string bikini into a bandeau, which can be great for getting a tan without the lines. Just tie the top in the back as you normally would, leaving the neck strings untied. Then take the neck strings and tie each side together in the middle of your chest and wrap the excess string around your body and tie again at the back. This method is an easy way to completely transform your bikini in seconds, but be sure to make the ties tight for extra support. 

Bandeau bikini ties

Neck Bandeau: The neck bandeau is another incredibly sexy look. Once your top is fastened in the back as you would typically tie it, you can pull the neckstraps together and cross them in the front, pulling each triangle together and giving the appearance of a cut-out in the center of your bust. Then, take each neck strap and tie them together at the back of your neck as you normally would. 

Neck Bandeau bikini ties

Across One Shoulder: Another great look that can draw additional attention to your upper body is tying the bikini across one shoulder only. You can create this look by tying the bikini in the back as you usually would. Then, bring both of the neckstraps to one shoulder, cross them once and loop one side around your neck and then tie them together in a bow. This look is incredibly elegant and accentuates the neck, shoulders, and bust.

Across one shoulder bikini ties


T-Back: To create this unique look, tie the neckties as you normally would and tie your bottom ties in a knot. Then pull the excess straps up, tuck them underneath the neck strap knot and tie them together. This method is another minimal variation that can entirely transform your look. 

T-back bikini ties


V Between Shoulders: Another great way to create a more elegant look is by using the straps to create a V between your shoulder blades. You will tie the neckties as you usually would and knot the bottom straps in the middle of your back. Then, pull each strap up along one side of your neck and knot them to the top of your bikini triangle. Any excess strap can then be tucked under the triangle.

V-back bikini tiesV-back bikini ties


Back Cross: A simple cross on the back can also create a stunning look. You can follow all of the steps to create the V Between your Shoulders, then pull the knotted straps under your arms to make the V flatten into a cross. 

Back cross bikini ties


Twisted Neck: The twisted neck look can be created by tying the bottom straps in the middle, center of your back. Then, bring the neck straps together in front of your chest and twist them around each other. You can twist them as many times as you want to create a small line between your neck and your bust. Once you have the desired look, secure the straps at the back of your neck as you usually would. 

Twisted kneck bikini ties

These are just a few of the easiest ways to transform your string bikini look, but getting creative with ties isn’t reserved for only the bikini tops. If you have a bikini with sufficient ties on the bottom, you can get creative here too by tying them in irregular bows.

Tango Top bikini ties


These suggestions are just the tip of the iceberg. Many of our Strange bikinis are incredibly versatile, and they are ideal for those who want to flex their fashion muscles. If you feel creative, pull out your string bikini and try creating a unique look by manipulating the straps. It’s easier than you think, and you’ll be sure to turn heads.


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