The Best Bikini for a Curvy Body Shape: 7 Amazing Options

The weather is getting warmer, and women all over are gearing up to find their favorite summer bathing suits. While shopping for a new bathing suit can be difficult for all women, it can be challenging for curvy girls to find that perfect suit that flatters ALL the goods. 

While there are great options for curvy and hourglass shapes in nearly all styles, bikinis are especially fun. They can be mixed and matched to accentuate curves in all the right ways. And there are many styles, colors, and textures to consider! 

And while some women with a curvy body shape prefer to hide their curves, we want to encourage women to look for ways to play them up. There is no right way to do it. It's all about selecting the right style for you. No matter what option you choose, you should feel confident that you look great!

The following selections are some of the best bikini options for curvy and plus-size women. 

1. High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms paired with a Patterned Top

Since bikinis can be mixed and matched, it's not uncommon to pair solid-colored bottoms with a patterned top. Selecting high-waisted bottoms gives an additional advantage of providing extra tummy control. And since the look tends to draw eyes upward, it can create a sleeker image. Ultimately, the control that these bottoms have will flatten the tummy while accentuating other curves.

When paired with a patterned top, or another style that draws attention to the chest, the midsection is minimized. Overall, this look enhances the natural hourglass appearance while creating a slimming effect.

2. Black Bikini Bottoms Paired with a Bikini Top that Stands Out

Solid colors tend to minimize the amount of attention one area of the body attracts. The color black enhances this effect. By selecting black bottoms paired with a top that stands out, you can get the same slimming effect that high-waisted bikini bottoms create. Eyes will be drawn to the top half of the body, minimizing the lower half. This look creates a balance that compliments one's natural curves.

Selecting a bikini top that stands out can be a way to have some fun with your look, too. There are many options, such as:

  • Tops with embellishments
  • Triangle bikini tops with unique ties
  • Tops made from ruched material
  • Tops with exotic or floral prints
  • Halter tops with keyhole cutouts
  • Bandeau bikini tops
  • Center-tie bikini tops

And this list is just the beginning. There are so many bikini top options that can help you achieve a unique look that flatters your curves. 

3. Halter Top or High Neck Bikinis

Halter and/or high neck tops are great for curvy bodies. Plus-sized women often have ample real estate to work with in their bosom, which means not all bikini tops will work. They lack the support necessary in the chest. Halter tops often have wide straps that can be adjusted for maximum comfort. This feature means you won't have to deal with straps digging into your skin throughout the day, which can be painful. 

Halter top bikinis with a playful and fun design can still create a wonderful look for curvy women. They can look great and be more comfortable. And with embellishments, cutouts, and bold prints, they can still accentuate the upper half of the body. You can also pair them with black or high-waisted bikini bottoms for the ultimate look. This look helps many curvy women feel confident while they are having fun in the sun!

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 4. Wraps for Bikini Bottoms

Wraps for bikini bottoms provide a bit of extra coverage to cover the thighs and hips. Solid-colored or black bikini bottoms with beautiful wrap help taper the waistline and cover any trouble spots. And like any other bikini bottoms, they can be paired with any bikini top. The right top can create a more balanced look and slenderize one's figure. 

5. Tankinis

Tankinis are a great option for curvy women. They provide the same freedom and fashion as bikinis because you can still mix and match the tops and bottoms. But they also have additional coverage and tummy control. You get all of the coverage of a one-piece swimsuit, with the flexibility of a bikini. You can also look for tankini tops with additional support and designs to further enhance your curvy look.

6. Bikinis with Strap Options

When shopping for your next bikini, it's always a good idea to look at those with strap options. There are a couple of benefits. If they have adjustable straps – as many tankini and bikini top styles do – you can maximize support. But those with ultra-long straps – like a triangle bikini – give you more options for tying the top. Tying your bikini top in unique and fun ways ensures you never get bored wearing the same bathing suit. You can create a unique look every time you tie the top differently. And tying them in certain ways can create a slimming appearance. They can also serve to enhance certain flattering curves. You will never run out of ideas with long bikini straps.

7. One-Piece or Swimdress Options

While bikinis are fun and versatile, they are not for everyone. Some women may feel insecure in a bikini no matter how great they look. Luckily, there are many one-piece bathing suits. These options offer greater tummy control and maximum coverage. They can be worn with shapewear to enhance your curves further. If you don't want to wear a bikini this summer – don't worry. You will be sure to find a one-piece suit that you love!

While many women dread shopping for a bathing suit, there is no reason you can't have a ton of fun doing it – even if you are on the curvier side! While we have some suggestions that typically look great on curvy women, it's time to go check out the new arrivals. You never know what you might find. There are so many bikini styles to choose from; you can be sure to find something you love!


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