by Ali Conway March 26, 2019

Let's talk about trends, babe! We want you feeling fly on the beach knowing you're rocking the hottest bikini styles and colors. Strange babe, we got you!

When Ali begins planning her new collection she not only picks out fabrics and colors she gravitates to, BUT she also considers what's trending in swimwear and fashion. Only the best for you boo
So, let's get started on those trends...
1. Red is HOT right now
If you paid attention to fashion week or enjoy browsing styles on Pinterest, I'm sure you've noticed quite a bit of red! 2019 is all about keeping it bright and BOLD! So go ahead and throw on that shade of HOT TAMALE and strut your stuff you bold, beautiful BABE.
BONUS: this shade looks FAB on just about every skintone!
Pictured : Stryker Monokini

2. All the STRIPES
Vertical strips, horizontal stripes, thick stripes, thin stripes, thick/thin stripe combo... They are all SO in right now! And we have two stripe styles for you to choose from: Popsicle stripe for our fun-loving, colorful Stranger AND Retro stripe for our sporty gal who likes to take it from the beach to her skateboard.

3. One Word.. or Fruit; Tangerine
This lovely shade of orange is all the rage. We can't help but be obsessed with this color right now! It's all about those bright colors this summer. Rock the tangerine shade while exploring hidden hot springs or turn some heads poolside!

4. High Waisted Bikini Bottoms
Yes! You heard that right. All women rejoice! This trendy AND flattering style is IN. Our high waisted bikini bottoms come just below the belly button hiding that little pooch some of us (me included ) don't like to show off.
Our high waisted styles include: El Capitan Bottoms and Hitchhiker Bottoms. See below....

5. Feeling Floral for 2019
Say goodbye to those loud floral patterns... For 2019 we're bringing out a sweet, soft floral pattern. For our sweeter, feminine Strangers this pattern was made for you!
Pictured: Galena Monokini

6. 50 Shades of BLUE
It's not purple... and it's not blue.... it's ICE MELT. And it will melt your heart . But for real, this dusty shade of blue is loved by all! Made for the mountain lakes, mountain hot springs, wildflowers... this color fits right in with nature! That is what Strange Bikinis is all about.. We want you to ADVENTURE and never stop adventuring. That will ALWAYS be in.

Pictured: Destination Top
7. Time to bring out the... MONOKINI
'Mono' as in 1, 'kini' as in BIKINI... thus making it the Monokini! We love 'em, you love 'em, EVERYBODY loves 'em! And yes, they are ON TREND for 2019! So grab our Galena Monokini, our Stryker Monokini, our Hoosier Monokini... or, get down wit your bad self and grab them ALL! Because you deserve it !

Pictured: Galena Monokini

Pictured: Hoosier Monokini
I think I've successfully covered the hottest swimwear trends. If you feel like I've missed one, I'm sure you'll let me know
... and that's all folks! I've finished my second glass of wine and just started an episode of Shameless... So, out.
xo, ash

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