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5 Ways to Repair Sun Damaged Hair

There’s no better way to spend the summer than soaking in the sun at the beach or beside a pool. Outdoor activities dominate most of our summer schedules, which helps us get our beloved Vitamin D. In addition to simple pure bliss, sun exposure can also give your skin a sun-kissed look, but it can also damage your hair. 


Sunlight weakens the protein structures of your hair and drains it of moisture. This type of sun damage can reduce hair elasticity and cause breakage, resulting in split ends. Signs that your hair may be damaged from the sun include discoloration, dryness, brittle hair, thinning hair, and frizziness. 

If your hair has signs of sun damage, you may be looking at options to repair sun damage and prevent further damage. Options can include:

1. Give Your Hair an Infusion of Moisture

Sun damage is primarily caused by the removal of moisture in the hair. So the best way to get healthy hair again is by getting moisture back into it quickly. Sun hair treatments can repair sun damage and make your hair softer, shinier, and smoother. An accessible, affordable and great option for sun-damaged hair is our favorite Dae Hair products. A hair mask, such as Dae’s Monsoon Moisture Mask, is another way to provide intense moisture and nourishment to hair.  These products are rich in biotin, lipids, and proteins that repair and strengthen damaged hair.

2. Consider an Oil Treatment

Oil treatments can also add new life, silkiness, and softness to sun damaged hair. And these treatments are relatively easy to do at home. You can apply regular olive oil and leave it in for deep conditioning. Simply massage it into your hair, paying extra attention to the scalp and ends, leave it in for 15 minutes or more, then wash your hair. Olive oil has been used as a conditioner for thousands of years and there’s a reason why – it works!

3. Add Moisturizing Shampoo and Conditioner to Your Hair Care Routine

You will also want to select a moisture-rich shampoo and deep conditioner. The hair washing process also usually strips hair of moisture. But this effect can be mitigated by using products that moisturize as they wash the hair. When you combine moisture-rich treatments with moisturizing shampoo and conditioner, you will see an immediate improvement.

4. Protect Your Hair from Further Damage

Once you get some moisture back in your hair, it may be tempting to get back in the sun. But if you don’t take additional precautions, your hair will experience additional sun damage. You can add sun hair treatments that block UV rays to your routine to keep your locks healthy. Several protection products include:

  • Matrix Biolage Sunsorials: The Sunsorials line of protective hair products are designed to protect hair from harmful UV rays. They are also water-repellent, making them great for a day at the beach. Delivered to the hair as a light mist, you can still achieve a great look while ensuring your hair remains protected all summer long!
  • L’Oreal Professional Serie Expert Solar Sublime: This product is an instant deep conditioning spray that protects from the sun. Containing aloe vera and vitamin E, it absorbs and blocks UV rays while creating a radiant shine and smoothness. 

Sun hair treatments like these can repair damage and keep your locks looking healthy and vibrant. 

5. Get a Trim

Even if you are working on growing your hair longer, getting regular trims is a great idea. And if you are trying to repair sun damage, it is definitely not the time to skip a trim. A quick trim can remove split ends and broken strands. And since air grows between 10%-15% faster in the summer months than it does the rest of the year, you likely won’t lose length. Regular trimming will reduce frizziness and keep your hair looking healthy all summer long. 

While these five strategies are the most likely to repair sun damage fast, it’s still a good idea to research other ways to keep hair healthy. There is a link between overall hair care and hair health and how quickly it damages with sun exposure. If you keep your locks healthy year-round, they likely won’t damage as easily.

In general, promoting overall hair health includes paying attention to scalp health. It could need exfoliation and hydration too. If your hair is susceptible to any damage, you may also want to limit the amount of heat styling you do. Flat irons and blow-dryers can strip moisture from your hair, just like sun exposure does. 

Following these critical strategies can keep your hair healthy and repair sun damage sustained throughout the summer!


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