5 Cute Pool Bikini Styles to Consider

Temperatures are starting to rise, and it finally feels like summer 2021 is right around the corner. For many people, summer 2020 was a bust due to the pandemic. So, cabin fever has everyone itching for some fun in the sun as soon as possible! This anticipation means this summer will likely be one of the best in recent memory.


To start the summer off great, you are going to need a cute and sexy pool bikini. Some of the top styles this summer include the following option. All of these selections will ensure that you celebrate all summer long in the latest bikini fashion trends.   

1. Bikinis with Ties

Tie bikinis are ideal for lounging around the swimming pool or beach this summer. Bikinis featuring a tie around the midsection are one of the hottest and most sexy swimwear options for 2021. Bright prints are fun, but even a classic black string bikini that ties above the hips will be a great look! And side ties can accentuate a full bottom or enhance the appearance of a small one. They are ideal for a day at the pool.

Bikinis that tie between the breasts or feature a ring in the middle are also very much in fashion. This option is very supportive and also draws attention to the bosom. And, of course, the triangle bikini will always remain a fashion favorite when selecting sexy swimwear. These bikinis have strings that are long enough to be tied in a wide variety of ways. This feature lets you create a unique summer look every time you wear it! They are a perfect choice for a pool bikini this summer. 

2. Underwire Bikinis

Underwire bikinis are all the rage this year – and for good reason. These bikinis can enhance your goods and provide phenomenal definition and support. They are great for any activity you are planning. Whether you are planning a day of sunbathing or some vigorous swimming, an underwire bikini is ready for the adventure. They are available in a variety of colors, styles, prints, and options. Like other bikinis, it is very easy to mix-and-match different bottoms with tops to create a fun and unique look every day. 

Underwire bikinis also look great on nearly all body types. If you have small boobs, the extra support can enhance its appearance by bringing the breasts together for a full look. And underwire bikinis are a great option even for women with large chests. The extra support can help them feel secure in their bikini top even during physical activity. 

3. Asymmetrical Bikini Tops

Asymmetrical bikinis can be found in many different styles. The classic asymmetric style features a strap over one shoulder but not the other. These bathing suits are perfect for creating a unique style and look for summer 2021. They can also help minimize disproportionate body dimensions (particularly if one breast is larger than the other, yay!). Asymmetrical bikini tops often have embellishments or other features that make them stand out. If you want to get noticed during a day by the pool, an asymmetrical suit is your best choice! They are stylish and fun. 

4. Bikinis with Belts and Rings

Belted bikinis or those with hoops or rings are another swimwear option dominating the fashion trends for 2021. This look can also be created with bikini bottoms that feature a tie around the waist. Belted bikinis can be found with the extra material sewn directly on the bottoms. A fashionable belt can also be added to nearly any pool bikini. The belt itself cinches the waist to create a slender look. Proof of this can be seen in the many celebrities who have been photographed in belted bikinis recently. 

Hoops or rings are another way to take your pool bikini to the next level. Many bikini tops feature a ring either between the breasts, along the straps (as they cross over the shoulder), or directly on the top of the chest. When a ring is on the top of the chest, the straps and top itself meet to nearly form an X. Some perfect pool bikini tops also create a similar look without using a physical ring. Rather than this feature, they have a circular cutout or a keyhole. Some bikinis feature a slit to create a V between the breasts. This look is also a sexy option this year. 

5. Bikinis with Texture

Ruched bikinis or those with texture are also growing in popularity this year. They are stylish and comfortable. They also create a very sexy silhouette. This easy-to-wear bathing suit will make you look your best. And it’s a great option when you are planning a day with tons of activities. These bathing suits remain comfortable and in place even if you are running or swimming. And the straps are soft to ensure that they don’t dig into your skin. 

Selecting the Right Pool Bikini for 2021

This list of bikini trends for 2021 is a great place to start giving you some ideas for your perfect pool bikini. But while shopping for your ideal suit this summer, it’s also a good idea to remember a few pointers to select a suit that will hold up all summer long. 

  • Get a swimsuit that fits perfectly. You may like a suit even if it doesn’t fit your body as well as you’d like. But without a great fit, you will spend your day at the pool or beach adjusting your suit – which can be a real buzz kill. Spend some extra time finding one that is a perfect fit. You’ll be happier in the long run.
  • Look for quality in the suit. It’s easy to find cute swimwear options at bargain stores. But these suits often don’t hold up to standard wear and tear. They may look faded or become stretched even after just a couple of wears/washes. A quality suit is usually more expensive upfront, but it can sometimes last for years. You are sure to get more bang for your buck with a quality option.

If you are like everyone else who has felt cooped up over the last year, you are ready to hit the pool. Follow these tips to select the perfect pool bikini style for a summer to remember! 


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