by Alison Conway April 10, 2018

The Biggest Little Fashion Truck is owned and operated by Britton Murdock Nunn, a Reno Native, lover of fashion, lover of helping women feel good in their clothing, and lover of The Biggest Little City. Britton got into the Fashion Truck Business by following in her grandparents footsteps. They owned a clothing store called Murdock’s in Reno and Carson City for over 60 years. When her grandpa passed away she was in high school at the time and no one in her family wanted to continue the store. She knew she would eventually want to own a clothing store but she didn’t know how or when.
Fast forward to college Britton was a student athlete and played softball at Nevada, where she went on to get her Master’s in Educational Leadership. Athletics was her passion for a long period of her life but it was burning out. She decided to follow the one light inside of her. She quit her job at The University and pursued her life long dream of opening a clothing boutique. After market research and planning, Britton realized if she was going to open a successful clothing store she was going to have to be different. She quickly learned that opening a fashion truck was her answer.
With a blessing from God, Britton had her big break when she had a meeting with Mayor Hillary Schieve. Mayor Schieve owned a fashion truck and was looking to sell. Britton bought the truck and with the guidance of Schieve immediately hit the streets. It’s been a year and a half since Britton opened the BLFT, and she couldn’t be more thankful for the opportunity to own and operate a mobile fashion boutique in her hometown. As Britton says, “The BLFT exists to help women feel good and confident in the clothing that they wear so they can focus on whatever their day may throw at them. Never underestimate the power of women who feels fire her outfit.”
Britton reached out to Ali, owner of Strange Bikini’s and was completely shocked at how gracious and nice Ali was. They went to lunch and Ali gave Britton a ton of advice by simply sharing her experience as a small business owner. Britton is honored to be associated with Ali’s amazing brand and want’s to thank Ali for this opportunity to showcase her clothing and the support from a fellow female trying to live a dream. Britton will be setting up a pop up shop every other Saturday with Strange Bikini’s this summer. Look for upcoming events on the Biggest Little Fashion Truck Instagram and website!
Get Strange with the BLFT!
12-2 June 2nd
12-2 June 16th
12- 2June 30th
12-2 July 14th
12-2 July 28th
12-2 August 11
12-2 August 25

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