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Flattering High French Cut Bikinis: A Style to Love

High-cut French bikinis have emerged to become one of the most desirable styles this summer - and for a good reason. This cut first became popular in the 1980s due to its extreme high rise in the hip for an incredibly flattering silhouette. And as Baywatch brought this style to everyone, the French cut bikini became all the rage - and it's back in a big way.

Unlike regular bikini bottoms, the high cut goes substantially higher. In addition, the French cut extends to above the hip bone, which creates an illusion of longer legs. A French cut bikini can work for women of all body shapes, but it certainly works very well for women who want to appear taller. 

It’s also great for women with wide hips and thighs and a narrow waist, as this cut greatly accentuates the hourglass figure. Anyone wanting to highlight these curves would likely be very happy with a French-cut bikini. 

A French-cut bikini is also great for anyone looking to bring more va-va-voom appeal into their beach look. The dramatic cut along the hip bone can call attention to all the right spots and bring a level of sexiness to your look that no ordinary bikini can do. 

But don’t let the sexiness fool you; the French cut is also associated with a level of sophistication. Showing off the right curves also brings a tremendous level of femininity to your look. The French cut bikini is an excellent balance of provocativeness and elegance, giving any stranger a mega boost in confidence. 

As you can see, French-cut bikinis are back in a big way, but not just because they are so jaw-droppingly stunning. It’s also because they can be trendy but still unique. There are so many options to choose from that it isn’t hard to find the perfect one for you. 

Mixing and matching these options ensures that you can wear your French-cut bikini bottoms with many different tops. And each unique combination can dial up or dial down the look to meet the occasion. And with the current attention this style is receiving, you can be sure that it will remain in style for quite a while, so you are sure to get the best bang for your buck. 

And this style is so much fun when looking for matching accessories. With its sophistication and steaminess, you can pair many things with the French-cut bikini to transform your look. 

If you aren’t totally sold on the French-cut bikini being one of the best options around, consider some of the following styles. They may be just the right thing to make your summer fun and extra sexy!

  • Boardwalk French Cut Bikini Bottoms: These bottoms are in the classic French V shape. This shape not only elongates the legs, but the V also serves to make the waist look narrower. In addition, it can truly accentuate the rounding of the hips for an ultra-sexy look. 

  • The side embellishments also widen the hips for a look of more dramatic curves. And with cheeky bottoms, you can be sure that your look won’t just be sexy; it will be steamy!

  • Hipster Ranger French Cut Bikini Bottoms: The Hipster Ranger French Cut Bikini Bottoms aren’t quite as dramatic as the Boardwalk French Cut. They are perfect for women who aren’t entirely comfortable with such a dramatic cut but still want some of the benefits of a French-cut bikini. They can be paired with various bikini tops for a fun and flirty look. 

  • Ranger Laser Cut Bikini Bottoms: These cheeky bottoms pair a high cut with detailing on the side towards the back. This detailing in the back ensures that attention won’t just be on the hips; it will be on the bottom, too! As a thong, these bottoms are only for the truly adventurous as they are sure to grab everyone’s attention. 

  • Plumas Traditional Cut Bikini Bottoms: These bottoms are for the girls looking for a classic look that has some of the sexiness of the French cut bikini. It has a bit more coverage than other options, but it still offers a high cut over the hip bone for an elongated look.  

  • Stay-cay Super Cheeky Bottoms: These cheeky bottoms may be the height of sexy swimwear. They have minimal coverage in the rear (even less than a cheeky cut). And this feature is paired with a very deep V cut in the front for a dramatic look. These bikini bottoms can definitely bring attention to defined abs and hourglass curves. 

  • Stay-cay Bikini Bottoms Dark Side 2022: This suit provides a high cut with a low-rise V in the front for an incredibly flattering look, but with less exposure than the Stay-cay Super Cheeky Bottoms. It is an ideal option for women who want just a bit more coverage but still want the flattering look of the V shape paired with a high cut over the hips. 

  • There are so many fun and sexy swimwear options to choose from this year. And all women know that a confidence-building swimsuit can be all you need to take your summer fun to the next level. 

    With one-piece suits attracting attention in recent years, it’s only natural that the French-cut bikini would be back in style. It’s one way to take the current trend to the next level by making it sexier. And since this suit is so popular, you can find many options available with different colors, patterns, and varying cuts. With so many options to choose from, you will find the perfect fit for you that delivers just the look you want. 

    If you are looking for great swimwear options for your summer, these French-cut bikinis can be a great choice. They are sexy and fun - and even better, they can look amazing on any stranger! So you won’t be sorry when purchasing one of these suits. You may even find that you need at least a few more.


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