What is the Best Bathing Suit for a Pear Shape Body Type?

Every woman’s body is unique. No two are exactly alike. However, there are specific categories that most women fall into. The hourglass figure is noted for a tiny waist and larger hips and bust. The apple shape has a rounded midsection. And the list goes on and on. However, one of the more common body shapes is the pear shape. This shape is marked by a smaller top with wider hips and a bigger bottom. There are many flattering options for these women. The list below includes some examples of the best bathing suits for a pear shape.

A pear-shaped body also called a triangle shape, or an A shape, is marked by narrow shoulders and a small-to-medium-sized chest. By contrast, the hips, butt, and upper thighs are wider than the shoulders and chest. Pear-shaped bodies also usually have well-defined and curvy bottoms. 

The key to selecting an excellent suit for a pear-shaped body is creating a balanced look between the upper and lower body. Since these bodies are proportionally bottom-heavy, balancing this figure is done by adding curves and volume to the top half of the body. A great look can also be created by selecting a suit that narrows the waist and draws one’s eyes away from the hips.

Best One-Piece Swimsuits for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Finding a one-piece bathing suit can be incredibly challenging for women with pear-shaped bodies. Usually, either the top is too loose, or the bottom part is too tight. If you find one with a great fit, you might also look for options that contain light colors, patterns, or embellishments around the chest and dark solid cloth near the bottom. Belted one-piece bathing suits also work well – especially when the top is flashy – since they narrow the waist and accentuate curves.

A plunging neckline, off-the-shoulder top, one-shoulder top, or a keyhole cutout can draw attention to the top part of the body and create a more balanced look. Halter tops – and especially those with rings or embellishments also work well for pear-shaped bodies. Solid one-pieces and those with vertical designs also tend to work really well for many women with this body shape.

Best Bikinis for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Bikinis offer a lot of flexibility for women with a pear shape. You can mix-and-match them. And a solid-colored bottom paired with a flashy bikini top is always a great way to balance out the body’s appearance. Like one-piece options, bikinis with embellishments are another way to draw attention to the top half of the body. So look for a bikini that you love that features ties, embellishments, or cutouts. 

Since pear-shaped bodies do tend to have smaller boobs, you can lean into a sexy bikini top. Strapless bandeaus – especially those with a bold pattern – can be incredibly sexy. You can also select other bikini tops with elaborate styles, textures that add volume, and revealing necklines. These features emphasize the natural curves of the bust.

Best Bottoms for Pear-Shaped Bodies

Pear-shapes have a few great options when it comes to selecting bikini bottoms. Solid-colored bottoms almost always work great, and the darker they are, the better. Dark blue and black work very well. High-waisted bottoms can emphasize the natural curve of your waist, which works well too. These bottoms also help create the illusion of elongating the legs, which can also have a balancing effect. 

Oddly enough, low-rise bottoms also work well for some pear-shaped bodies. They can add length to the torso. But be sure to select ones that do not make your legs appear shorter. Skirted bottoms also work well for pear-shaped women. They often provide a bit of extra coverage and conceal a bit of the thigh. 

Suit Styles to Avoid With a Pear-Shaped Body

If you are worried about drawing attention to the bottom-heavy portion of your body, there are a few styles that should be avoided. One of the biggest pitfalls is boy shorts. This style of bottoms draws attention to thick thighs and emphasizes the bottom half of the body. Rather than balancing proportions, boy shorts tend to exaggerate the bottom part of the body. And that is precisely what pear-shaped women are trying to avoid. 

Bikini bottoms with side ties and horizontal waistbands can also draw unwanted attention to wide hips. A high-cut waistline is much better since it accentuates the waistline. It’s also generally a good rule of thumb to avoid suits that feature ruffling, embellishments, or textures that add volume around your hips or waist. These features also draw attention to the bottom half of the body rather than the top. 

Shopping for the Best Bathing Suit for a Pear Shaped Body

If you have a pear-shaped body, shopping for a bathing suit can seem like quite a challenge. These tips provide some great ideas for what to look for in a bathing suit for your body type. But it’s important to remember that even across women with a pear shape, no two are alike. A suit that looks phenomenal on one person with this body type might miss the mark on another. 

Ultimately, the only thing that matters is how well a suit looks on your pear-shaped body. And to find the right one, you may have to experiment. Try tops with ruffles or intricate designs. You can even look for a plunging neckline, a sexy bandeau, or an off-the-shoulder top. Experiment with different bikini bottoms, including hipster cuts, swim skirts, and those with a high waist. And don’t immediately rule out one-piece suits. There are many options that work great for pear shapes, including monokinis, belted one-pieces, and those with an eye-grabbing neckline.

While it may take a little work and effort to find the best bathing suit for a pear-shaped body, it’s worth it. When you find one that looks great, fits great, and makes you feel comfortable, you are ready to have a great time at the beach or pool!


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