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6 Reasons Not To Wear Extreme Push Up Swimwear

There is no denying that everyone wants to look stunning when they put on a bathing suit. There is no greater feeling than knowing that you can turn heads on the beach or at the pool. But to achieve this look, some women will go to extreme lengths, including wearing extreme push up swimwear.

Public opinion has been divided on push-up bras and swimwear for a long time. Unfortunately, the prevailing opinion seems to be that this type of bikini top creates a sexy look. Many women use it to enhance the appearance of their bust. But there are plenty of reasons why a natural look – sans padding – is preferred.

1. Extreme Push Up Swimwear Looks Unnatural

While your bust can look bigger wearing push up swimwear, it’s not a real look. Most people can tell it’s not a real look or that enhancements are present. Wearing extreme push up swimwear - whether it’s a bikini or any other style of bathing suit – doesn’t fool anyone into thinking that your bust is truly that size. But it is perpetuating the myth that women with larger busts are more desirable. 

When you wear push up swimwear, you are conveying a message that women with a smaller bust ‘aren’t enough.’ But that is contrary to evidence that shows most people prefer proportionate bodies or disproportionate ones. Rather than striving for an appearance that highlights a big bust, it might be preferable to find a suit that works to balance your figure. This method lets you highlight your natural goods and features about your body that you already love. 

2. Extreme Push Up Swimwear is Uncomfortable

Whether you are going to the beach, a pool, or just relaxing in the sun, the goal is usually to have some fun when you put on a bathing suit. Extreme push up swimwear can get incredibly uncomfortable, though. It often feels two sizes too small, and it’s harder to move. If you came to swim or play volleyball, or do any other recreational activity, you may find it harder to maneuver your body. The extra padding and constriction can make it harder to do anything – especially relax.  

When fun is the goal, the last thing you want is to feel uncomfortable. And extreme push up swimwear can be extremely uncomfortable. Don’t let this style ruin your day. Select a fun and sexy bikini, one-piece, halter top, or any other style that looks as good as it feels when worn. Having a comfortable bathing suit is one of the best ways to ensure you are ready to enjoy the day.

3. If You are Wearing it to Please Someone Else, Please Don’t

Almost all women have a ‘helpful’ mother, sister, aunt, or close friend who loves to pick out clothing for them. Unfortunately, it’s usually in their style, not the person who will be wearing it. And women with smaller busts can get used to receiving clothing that others think will look just great on them. In nearly all instances, the received piece of clothing enhances the bust.

Don’t ever wear anything because someone else thinks it will look good on you. You are unique and should be free to wear whatever you choose. The perceptions of what others like shouldn’t influence your decisions. If you aren’t comfortable wearing an extreme push up bathing suit, don’t. It’s easier said than done, though, when you’ve experienced patterns of behavior for years (or decades). If you receive an extreme push up swimsuit as a gift, consider returning it for another style you prefer. Or you can always let these individuals know that a gift card would be a far better present in the future!

4. Extreme Push Up Swimwear is Not the Best Option for Support

Some women select an extreme push up bathing suit because it feels like there is more support. But you don’t have to have this type of swimsuit to get adequate support. Other options, including bikinis with an underwire and halter tops, provide adequate support but still deliver a natural look. 

There is no reason to go overboard with an extreme push up suit when you can find a bathing suit with support that looks great and feels more comfortable. You may have to shop around a bit to find one you truly love, but it’s best not to instinctively grab a push-up bikini just because you think you might get better support. 

5. It’s Not Good for Your Health

As we’ve stated before, swimsuit padding is not good for your health. It can contribute to a number of health concerns, including:

  • Increased chances of breast cancer
  • Damage to breast tissue
  • Changes to melatonin levels
  • Increased sagging of the breasts

Extreme push-up swimwear is even worse. In addition to the above concerns, it can contort your body and impact your posture. The constriction can add stress and strain to different muscles, which ultimately impact your spinal alignment. No one should go through this much pain, discomfort, and risk personal health just to achieve a certain look – especially when most people prefer a natural look anyway!

6. There is No Reason to Alter Your Look

Strange Bikinis embraces a philosophy that every woman looks great exactly as they are. We understand that putting on a revealing bikini or sexy one-piece swimsuit can induce insecurities. We still call on all women to shed those insecurities one step at a time. Every day you go without trying to change who you are through artificial methods (including wearing extreme push up swimwear), you are one step closer on the road to self-love and self-acceptance.

While we support any goals a stranger might have to achieve greater health, we also recognize that society has placed unrealistic expectations on women. This is likely the primary reason we have fashion options that include pushing up and enhancing the bust. But when all is said and done, most people outside of the world of fashion prefer a natural, healthy look to one that looks disproportionate. So, ditch the extreme push up swimwear and let the world see you shine exactly as you are!


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