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5 Reasons to Buy a Winter Swimsuit

We aren’t fair weather fans over here, we are thinking about bikinis year-round. We have winter swimsuits on our minds right now. 

With winter comes cooler weather, which is usually not what comes to mind when you think about swimming. We tend to associate swimwear with the summer sun and sandy beaches, and for this reason, most of us purchase our swimsuits in the spring/summer. But if you haven’t considered purchasing a winter swimsuit – or several – you’re missing out, stranger! There are many reasons why this is one of the best times of the year to pick up a new swimsuit. Let us tell you why...

1. Winter Swimsuits for Year-Round Swimming

 Swimming is a phenomenal way to stay in shape, even in the winter. It is a low-impact, high-intensity exercise. It builds muscles, but is easy on your bones and joints. It is a great cardiovascular workout that can tone your entire body. 

Even better, swimming often has a positive impact on your mood and outlook. And swimming throughout the year can ensure that your body is ready for summer, without any additional work. Consider this; just one hour of moderate swimming can burn up to 600 calories. Yes, please.

So, for anyone who has fitness goals they want to work on throughout the winter, swimming is one of the best ways to accomplish these.    

Those who already swim year-round know that there are many more opportunities to swim in the winter than one would initially think. Many gyms have indoor heated pools. And we all know someone who likes to host hot-tub parties even in the coldest months of the year. 

Winter Swimsuit

Photo by Emma Wynn

For the adventure babes, you could be planning a tropical vacation for the winter - or better yet - visiting hot springs for some much-needed relaxation. There’s nothing quite like jumping in the car, heading out to the middle of nowhere and escaping to a hot spring in the dead of winter! The colder the better.

No matter what types of adventures you have planned - or activities that could pop-up at the last minute - you will regret not having a winter swimsuit if you don’t buy one before the season starts. Using the same swimwear you used all summer can make you feel like you are in a fashion rut. 

And many women also experience small fluctuations in their body when the seasons change, which might make your summer swimsuit less than ideal for the winter months. Some women prefer a one-piece, a black suit, or a more modest bikini in the winter months. Before you head into the winter swimming season, it’s a great idea to find the ideal swimsuit (or a few) that can help you to enjoy water activities over the coming months.

2. Take Advantage of the Deals

There is another huge advantage in purchasing winter swimwear. You can often find deals that you will never find in the spring or summer! August and September are some of the best months to show for swimwear since many retailers are eager to clear their summer inventory and make room for fall arrivals. 

And even many online retailers offer deep discounts in these months so that they can introduce new lines early in the new year.  That means that fall is the best time to find way more options at lower prices than you can find them at any other time of the year. 

Shopping the fall sales and snagging a few great deals is always a good idea, even if you don’t plan to use them. And if you aren’t a year-round swimmer that already has a couple of suits on-hand, you don’t want to get caught without an appealing option if you find the opportunity to swim in the winter. If you do find yourself shopping for a suit in January or February, you may find that retailers have very little to offer at this time of the year- do NOT let this happen to you.

3. Get a Little More Adventurous with Your Swimwear Style

It’s clear that you can’t beat the deals on swimwear that you will find in the months leading into winter. And because they are so easy on the wallet, it might be the perfect excuse to get a little more adventurous with your swimsuit style. You can try types of suits that you might not normally wear, like tankinis, monokinis, or stylish and bold bikini tops.

If you wear these daring suits in the winter when fewer people are crowding the pools, you give yourself a little time to decide if you are comfortable with the style without a large audience. If you find something you do like, you can confidently add the style to your summer collection. If you aren’t feeling it, you aren’t out a bunch of money since you got it during a fall sale anyway. There aren’t many drawbacks to experimenting with your swimwear style during this time of year. Do it, girl- we believe in you!

4. Stock Up on Your Favorite Suits

And even if you don’t feel comfortable experimenting with your swimwear style during the winter, it is still the perfect time to stock up on your swimsuit collection. Many women have perfected the art of finding the ideal swimsuit for their body shape. They know exactly what types are flattering on them and give them a feeling of confidence.

If you are this type of shopper, selecting these styles in the winter means that you will have your summer swimwear collection ready to go at the first sign of spring. This type of preparation can reduce the likelihood that you will panic-buy your summer suits when everyone else is too – which also means that you are shopping picked-over inventory at its most-expensive price point. 

5. A Winter Swimsuit Can Keep You Inspired Year-Round

Many people experience mood changes in the winter. The cold weather makes it harder to exercise and spend time outdoors, depriving us of much-needed Vitamin D. It’s easy to lose motivation and fall into a rut where you lose sight of your fitness and wellness goals. 

But as most women know, owning a sexy swimsuit can be just the motivation we need to stay focused and dedicated to a healthy lifestyle. And who couldn’t use a little more motivation in their life? So, if you haven’t gone shopping for a winter swimsuit in the past, consider picking one up this year that will keep you inspired and on a path toward overall wellness throughout the long winter months. 

Photographer: Emma Wynn


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