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3 Ideas for Wearing a Swimsuit When You’re Not at the Beach

When the days get longer, and the temperature starts to climb, bathing suits become a wardrobe essential for many women. Many spend countless long days wearing a swimsuit and little else all summer long when visiting the beach or pool. And most women understand that investing in a quality swimsuit is well worth the cost. But bathing suits can be far more valuable when incorporated into your overall wardrobe. They are far more useful than just on the days you spend at the beach. 

There are a few simple tips that can help you get more mileage out of your bathing suit. And they can help you boost your style sense by demonstrating versatility in wearing a sporty swimsuit! Other ways to wear your bathing suit include:

1. As a Cute Top

Many women select bathing suits that are flattering or appealing for their body type. But that fact isn’t only valid at the beach. Bathing suits can look great when paired with an assortment of other common clothing pieces. The result often creates a stylish look that works for many settings. And using a swimsuit for a top can greatly increase your options when selecting what to wear! Great combinations include:

  • A cropped bikini top or one-piece paired with jeans or gauchos can look incredibly appealing with little time and effort. And no one will assume it’s a swimsuit! It’ll just look like you found a cute and daring top for a stylish look.
  • Asymmetrical bikinis or one-pieces also look great when paired with pants or a skirt. No matter the length of the skirt, you can create a classy look. This look can get you ready for any event or setting. 
  • Throwing a light jacket or pairing your bathing suit with a matching set pant or skirtsuit can elevate your look. You can achieve a relaxed look – and it’ll just look like you are wearing a camisole or crop top.
  • High-waisted shorts or pants also look great with a one-piece bathing suit or bikini top. This combo often accentuates appealing curves and boosts your confidence. 

And while these examples demonstrate just a few of the ways of wearing a swimsuit as a top, there are many more. When considering other clothing items, you can play around with your style. If you are unsure whether it accomplishes your style goals, you can always test the look for family or friends first. There are also many videos that can inspire additional ideas. Just remember - if you can’t find the perfect top, don’t forget to consider your bathing suit. It might just be the perfect piece!

2. As Workout Wear

Many bathing suits are durable. Quality ones are designed with tech that can stand up to the heavy salt content in ocean water. And that means they can definitely handle a little sweat. Bathing suits are often the ideal workout clothes. Think about it – they are comfortable, adjustable, and the fabric will move and with your body. 

On top of that, many bathing suits are great for your skin. Since they offer quick-drying technology, sweat won’t linger on your skin over time. Excess moisture can clog your pores and lead to acne. Instead, a bathing suit wicks away moisture and helps it dry super fast. 

And maybe the best feature of all is that they are designed to keep you cool. And anyone who works out in the summer heat knows this is a tremendous benefit. Since bathing suits often cover less of your body, you can stay as cool as possible while getting your physical activity in. And if you wear the right bathing suit, you can even work on your tan while working on that bod. And don’t worry, even if you are working out at a gym, just grab some swim shorts, and you will be ready for any workout. 

3. As a Bra or Lingerie

Who doesn’t love to feel sexy? And what better way than to wear a swimsuit. While it might not seem like an obvious choice for sexy lingerie, it definitely can achieve that goal. And ladies, I bet if you ask your babe, they will readily admit to finding you sexy in swimwear. Even simply throwing a sheer cover over your bathing suit can make it look like sexy lingerie. And many bathing suits currently in style have a lingerie-inspired look, meaning they can be perfect for both settings.   

And as any woman who has avoided laundry for a bit too long knows, bikini tops can be used as a substitute for a bra. They are essentially different versions of the same item of clothing. But using a bathing suit as a bra isn’t only a good idea when you are in a pinch. A bikini is a great option if you have a sheer top that would benefit from a bra with a fun print. You can boost your style with a bikini top.

The bottom line is that swimsuits are great for many settings, not just the beach or pool. They are great for physical activity and can be used as a bra. They can also be paired with other clothes to give you a fun summery boost. Even after a long day at the beach, you can throw on a few pieces with your suit and return ready for anything the evening brings. Wearing a swimsuit can add class, style, and sophistication to your look. You’ll also get more mileage out of your beloved bathing suits. And they ensure you stay comfortable and confident no matter where you might be.


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