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"You're Nice, Come Do Burpees With Me."

I was totally taken aback when we got recognized for our customer service by a Stranger this passed Summer and she told us how amazing she felt. Literally, I stopped what I was doing and thought really? Us, me? It felt really good to hear how amazing she felt because of our team from a new customer (I didn't even have to pay her for it)! I mean it, it feels so freaking good to get a compliment like that! Maybe make it a point right now to hand out a few compliments for the great customer service you get over the next few days.
It’s a pretty rad thing when you get recognized for giving great customer service and for making someone feel great about themselves. You know, I totally forget about how much great customer service means. Yes, GREAT customer service, not just OK customer service. Lately, I have been hit back to back with pretty shitty customer service and it really makes me think, “Wow, I'm so thankful my team and myself want to give the best we can to every customer.” We do this because it’s natural for us to want you to feel hyped with your experience at SB and we want you to feel connected with us beyond swimwear, we want community. Why else would we put on events and try to hang out with you all the time other than the fact that... we lovesss you!
Strange Bikinis is nothing without both loyal and new Strangers like yourself!
This is the complimenting Stranger, Gabby.
She had come in to the shop after having her 2nd baby and wanted to get suited up for Summer and after trying some bikinis on she realized she wanted a custom suit. She was in luck, Melanie who was working the store knows all about getting the custom suit ordered. Gals, it's literally so easy to get the bikini of your dreams here, just ask us!
I made Gabby's suit and asked her come try it on at our store on Dickerson Road. If you've ever been in for a custom fitting or had me as your sales gal, you'll know I like to make it feel relaxed and like we're just friends hanging out. I want to know that you're next level stoked with your suit and that you know I’ll take care of you if you need to adjust anything.
Long story short, Gabby was super stoked on the level of customer service that she was greeted with each time at our shop or via email. Excellent work team. And that's the end of our story!
Just playin'.
Gabby is a trainer at Powerhouse Fitness in Reno and offered to train me and my team just because of the way she was treated at SB. Say Whhhhaaaaat! I don’t think I have ever felt more proud of my team. This speaks volumes about my brand, my team, and my original mission in creating Strange. We want to make everyone feel welcome, excited about their body, their bikini, and build a support group that is stronger and Stranger together.
It’s not always easy to give perfect customer service because we all have bad days, and not every person is nice to us all the time in return, but we do try our best! Gabby’s offer to get us together as a group and get fit together was such a sweet gesture and truly meant so much to our team.
Fitness y’all. After a long Summer of traveling all over for work I was more than ready to get back in to the gym but I wasn’t sure what I was going to try. Spin? Barre? Crossfit? Maybe just sauna everyday until my extra 15lbs just melts away? (That works right?). When Gabby said she would train us I was pumped, not to mention Gabby is ridiculously fit and beautiful and I want my mom bod to be as fit as her mom bod. #goals picture for proof------>
At the time I was choosing models for the 2020 shoot and was having a hard time finding a fresh face for the campaign. I was thinking about all the typical things;
Must be comfortable in a bikinis
Must have a body that is relatable
Must look authentic and approachable
Must be available on the shoot date
and has brown hair
Who could this girl be? I was stuck. Until I thought what if I…....
BUT I’m going to stop here! More on that soon.
I will also be back shortly with another write up about learning Crossfit as a mother, the other SB members and their experience with Crossfit, and eventually you will be seeing some results photos. I can tell you these things: we are going a few times a week, that everyone loves it, that I’m thankful for my SB team, and that I'm so glad we get to do cool things like this together.
If you want to learn about Crossfit but are too nervous to try going to the gym, hit me up! I’d love to tell you about my experience. Reply to this in an email (orders@strangebikinis.com) or send me a DM on Strange Bikinis. You can also follow @RENOPowerHouseFitness for stories and you'll see the SB team and me there. Check out their website at RenoPowerHouseFitness.com and say hi to Gabby @Gabperez5 on Instagram.
Also, if you had a great customer service experience with us I would just be over the moon if you told me about it! Reply to this in an email with your experience.
(P.S. If you hate working out and want to sit in the sauna with me, also hit me up... )


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