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You dip, I dip... We all dipped in The Big Dip 2019!

Spring arrived just in time for THE BIG DIP! The weather couldn't have been more perfect.. Compared to last year, we definitely lucked out with clear blue skies, 46 degree weather, no wind and beautiful blue Tahoe water!
Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort was so helpful and accommodating day of.. And for some of us, the whole weekend! Forever a Strange favorite! If you're planning a trip to Lake Tahoe you have to check them out.. and rock your Strange Bikini on their private beach of course
We also have to shout out to The Karma Mamas for leading the most fun warm up I've ever done. Sabrina did a great job keeping the energy upbeat and even getting some of us to break a sweat in the cold weather!
But nothing prepares you for the actual plunge! I. Could. Not. Feel. My. Face... or body. The water was COLD! But the excitement of going in with so many rad Strangers made me do it! Plus the Great Basin Brewing Beer and donuts afterwards was a good motivator
But really, what absolutely makes the whole thing worth it is the money we raised for Zawadisha and Women as Change Makers. Like, WOW! We raised A LOT of money. $3,434 to be exact. My heart is about to explode knowing the kind of changes that will be made with our contribution... Everyone who contributed should be so proud!
With all that being said, THANK YOU!!! Thank you to every business that donated, thank you to every individual that donated, thank you to everyone who helped leading up to The Big Dip and day of, and thank you to the 104 dippers that participated! It really was so cool to see this event come together like it did after all the hard work leading up to the big day. And we couldn't have done any of it without YOU! We're stoked to see you all again next year!
Link below to check out photos and the video...
Photos from The Big Dip are linked here. Please remember if you share any of these photos to TAG us @strangebikinis AND the photographer.
We're also stoked to share this amazing video by Kevin Andy Stamps! Feel free to keep an eye out for it on our Instagram page for a chance to repost. Kevin doesn't have Instagram, but please still credit him in your caption


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