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Women’s Active Swimsuits: Most Comfortable Styles

Whether you surf, play volleyball, paddle board, or just love jumping off rocks and swimming, you may be looking for a great active swimsuit for the summer. Highly active women want something that fits well, moves with you, and stays where it should. Fortunately, multiple active swimsuit styles and patterns can hold up to the highest levels of activity and still look amazing for any body type on any stranger.

When selecting the right active swimwear, you will want to consider several factors:

Level of activity

Summer sports can range from slowly swimming laps to intense competitive swimming, surfing, diving, or other water sports. It’s worth considering how you will move, how fast you will be moving, and the level of sun exposure you will see. If you are spending time in the waves, you will want to select something that will stay secure, such as a one-piece swimsuit or a razorback.

Desired coverage

Too much sun exposure can be poor for your skin and can increase the risk of developing skin cancer. For this reason, many summer athletes look for bathing suits that can provide full coverage sun protection.
Examples can include swim tops with long sleeves and high neck and board shorts or a sports bra bikini paired with swim leggings. In addition to seeking greater coverage, some women may seek swimwear with rash guards. These rash guards provide UV protection from sunburns and protect your skin against the elements.

Fabric type

The fabric your swimsuit is made of can greatly affect how comfortable you are when active. Look for something that will allow easy movement without constriction. Quick-drying fabric may be a great feature if you frequently move in and out of the water. Board shorts often have a zipper, which is great if you need to keep items with you when active.
Considering these features can help you find a comfortable style, which means you can focus on your activity without worrying about adjusting your swimwear. A great active swimsuit makes it easier to have fun participating without giving a second thought to what you are wearing.

Once you have an idea of the important things when looking at active swimwear options, you can begin narrowing down the right style. Fortunately, many swimsuit styles are great for active women, including the following options:

One-piece swimsuits

One-piece swimsuits have become massively trendy again within the last few years. These suits often stay in place better than two-piece options, making them great for activities like diving, paddle boarding, surfing, body surfing, or swimming in the waves. Competitive swimmers often select one-pieces with a snug fit and a streamlined cross-back design, which minimizes the amount of drag in the water.


Many women avoid bikinis when active because there can be a risk of ‘exposing the girls’ or having it adjusted in a way that reveals more than the wearer intended. But that doesn’t mean these suits are off-limits for active ladies.

Some bikini tops, such as halter tops and sports bra swim tops, can stay very secure, especially if they have adjustable straps. This feature allows the wearer to get a snug fit that stays secure. You can also find many bikini options that provide extra bust support and a heavy-duty construction that holds up even in turbulent conditions.

In addition, bikini tops can be paired with high-waisted bottoms or swim skirts, which also generally stay in place with high activity. Alternative swim bottoms may include boy shorts, swim leggings, or board shorts.


Tankinis are a bit safer than bikinis since the top often provides full coverage for a stranger’s torso, meaning they can hold up even with lots of activity and movement. And like bikinis, tankini tops may be paired with a number of different swim bottom options for comfort and a unique style.


Rashguards are becoming more popular for many summer athletes since they protect from the sun and chafing. These popular suits look like shirts but shield the skin from harmful UV rays without needing to re-apply sunscreen constantly throughout the day. Despite providing greater coverage, they are often lightweight, stretchy, and come in many styles.

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Board shorts

Board shorts are becoming a favorite for active women. They are often not as long as men’s board shorts but long enough to protect the thighs. This feature is great for sports like surfing or paddle boarding as they prevent chafing. In addition, board shorts are often soft and dry quickly, making them a very comfortable option.

Swim leggings

Swim leggings are also becoming more popular for women who spend long hours in the sun and water. Like rashguard tops, these bottoms provide UV protection, so you won’t have to reapply sunscreen throughout the day. And like board shorts, swim leggings can prevent chafing.

Swim leggings can be found in varying lengths, usually from the shin to the ankle, and some can keep the wearer warm in chilly water. Swim leggings are a great option for paddleboarders, surfers, and divers.

Swim bottoms

You don’t have to wear board shorts or swim leggings if selecting a bikini top. You can find some great bikini bottoms that work well even when active. The best options include high-waisted bottoms, boy shorts, or classic bikini bottoms that provide full coverage for one’s rear.

Swim shorts

Swim shorts, also called jammers, are similar to biking shorts without the padding. They usually end just above the knee but provide full coverage for thighs and bottoms. They also minimize drag in the water, making them a great option for competitive swimmers.
With summer in full swing, many active women are looking for swimwear to hold up during maximum physical performance. And it’s even better if they can find options that are comfortable and look great.

Fortunately, many styles work great, even for the most active summer athletes. It’s just a matter of finding the right style, fit, and features. And while this may take a little time, it’s well worth it. The right active swimsuit can ensure you spend your whole day enjoying the summer activities you love without worrying about your suit!


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