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Where to Buy Replacement Swimsuit Straps

With summer just around the corner, it’s time to pull out your bathing suits and make sure they are ready for a season of fun. But you may find that one or two of your suits are no longer wearable because the straps are worn or broken. 

Unfortunately, it’s a common problem. And if it is one of your favorite suits and you don’t want to toss it, you may be wondering where to find replacement swimsuit straps.

Fortunately, with many suits, you can salvage the entire suit by replacing only the straps. When looking for new bathing suit straps, you have several options. The most common include online vendors, such as Amazon or Etsy. Boutique stores may also offer swimsuit straps.

Unfortunately, purchasing straps from these sources often limits your option. You may not find the right material or pattern. And unfortunately, the cost of some replacements may make you reconsider purchasing the straps and just buy a whole new suit.  

Additionally, the price, quality, durability, and customer service experience with these vendors may vary by a LOT depending upon where you purchase the straps. And there is no guarantee that you will find something that works for your bathing suit.

Strange Bikinis’ Replacement Policy

As a forward-thinking company, Strange Bikini has a very rare swimsuit strap replacement policy. You may contact the company when the straps on your bathing suit need to be replaced. And if the company still has the fabric, they will mail you new replacement straps. 

Customers of Strange Bikini can experience several benefits from this policy, such as:

  • You get the suit you love, again! How many times have you fallen in love with a bathing suit? It’s a rare thing to truly love a swimsuit. And when the straps need to be replaced, you often have better luck buying a new suit. Even if you can find straps, they are likely not an exact match to the ones you have.  

  • But when you shop with Strange Bikini, you get the assurance that you get the exact replacement straps if your suit needs them to be replaced. Things like this are why it is so beneficial to work with small businesses. 

    Even better, it means if you fall in love with your Strange Bikini suit, you know there’s a chance you can likely get a replacement when and if the straps wear down or break. This benefit means you don’t have to toss the entire suit, and you get more bang for your buck!  

  • You are supporting a sustainable, eco-friendly company. Strange Bikini is a company that genuinely invests in sustainable practices. The company manufactures its swimwear using biodegradable, organic fabric and eco-friendly processes. 

  • For example, whenever possible, the company reuses water throughout production and limits greenhouse gases to further preserve the ozone layer and the environment. As a result, Strange Bikini can offer a more eco-friendly option than virtually all competitors using advanced technology. 

    And by offering replacement straps, you have less bathing suit waste. You get to wear your suit longer, rather than throwing it in the trash, and that is a benefit for the environment, too. 

  • You will receive high-quality replacement straps for your suit. While everyone loves a bargain, most women understand that low-cost swimwear needs to be replaced frequently - often because the straps have broken or experienced more wear than the rest of the suit. 

  • Fortunately, Strange Bikini swimwear is of the highest quality. And if your straps do wear out before the rest of your bathing suit, you can bank on getting high-quality replacement straps as long as the company has the same fabric. 

  • You save some money. If you have to replace a bathing suit every time the straps wear, the cost can add up quickly. And in many instances, replacing the suit is a better option than trying to find and purchase straps from an alternative vendor. 

  • Strange Bikini has affordable bathing suit options that you can rely on to last much longer than most other bathing suits. And if you take advantage of their strap replacement policy, you get to keep and continue wearing a suit you love. And that is guaranteed to result in savings. 

  • You can also order contrasting straps. In addition to ordering replacement straps, the company also lets you order contrasting straps. In addition, they offer a video showing you how to replace your straps, which makes it easy to extend the life of your bathing suit by replacing the straps. 

  • On top of that, Strange Bikini has tutorials that show you how to trim straps when they start to unravel and tie the knot on the ends. These benefits mean that your suit - and its straps - will last as long as possible. 

  • You are guaranteed to get the best customer service available. With this type of replacement policy, is it any wonder that the company has a phenomenal customer support structure? 

  • As a small business, Stange Bikini can provide personalized attention to all customers. The company will work with you to ensure you are just as happy with the replacement straps as when you first got the suit. 

    When you shop at Strange Bikini, you get a built-in plan for replacing your bathing suit if the straps are worn. So you don’t have to worry about where to get a new one, finding one you like, and the added expenses. Instead, the company makes it easy to just focus on loving your suit and having a great summer! 

    Strange Bikini swimsuits aren’t just a cost-effective and sustainable option. Many bathing suits incorporate the latest trends in swimwear. 

    The suits are sexy and comfortable, which means you can feel confident no matter what you are doing. In addition, as a company that promotes body positivity, you can find options that flatter all body types. 

    When you purchase a bathing suit from Strange Bikini, you don’t have to worry about losing a suit from straps. You can quickly get your hands on replacement straps by calling the company. AND best of all, you can feel great about supporting a small business that promotes sustainable practices and body positivity. 

    There are no downsides to adding a Strange Bikini bathing suit to your summer collection! 


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