by Alison Conway February 01, 2019

What does it mean to be Strange?
Hey you babes know I am horrible at writing (shout out to my hubs for editing and trying to understand my non traditional writing style.) I have been doing better at sitting down and sharing my thoughts and dreams and dramas with you. Run on sentence Ali. I think it’s so much easier to share with video, so I did it again and recorded a quick lil ‘tid bit about what its means to “Be Strange” I'd like to call out that I take these videos in raw form, no practicing, no editing, no re-takes.
Now that you have a good idea of what I mean when I say ‘show your Strange’, or why are you Strange; you can chime in on our social shout outs and giveaways and also spread the Strange love with confidence.
It’s so important for me to spread my message of inclusivity now more than ever. When I started Strange Bikinis (2012) I really wanted to do something that made everyone feel good and welcome. See me babe-in' it circa 2012 in a UPCYCLED crush velvet bikini, NO ONE was doing velvet and I wanted to be different and rad-ass. I wanted to be Strange ------->
Now, it’s the “it” thing or trendy thing to do. It seems like every damn brand is saying all the things I have been saying ALL ALONG. Don’t get me wrong, the message we are all saying is the one I have wanted from day one. BUT to me….that message is what drives me and makes me happy. To them, it’s a marketing campaign to sell more. I mean, sure… somewhere in their corporation or office there may be one gal (or guy J ) pushing body positivity, but I highly doubt it’s WHY THEY STARTED THEIR MOTHER TRUCKIN’ BUSSSNASSS. (All the tude when I’m typin’ this)
So yeah, I’m a lot irritated that what was my driving force and made Strange Bikinis stand out in an over saturated market is now something that seems played out. And gosh, where am I going with this… haha… I hope you can still feel THAT MY HEART IS IN THIS TO MAKE YOU FEEL AMAZING. Nowadays with Instagram making it harder and harder for the sweet fries (I don't believe I'm small potatoes) like me to get our voices heard I need to know you understand my core values and hope to have your continued support in making America Strange again… NO! The World Strange Forever…

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