What happened with the Fabric?

Holy crap it’s February and it’s go time here at the warehouse. It’s cold and rainy and anything but Summery but February is always one of my favorite months simply because the collection release. So many moving pieces and hard work coming together and it’s the best feeling.
So you saw a little bit in to what it is like to have a hard day here at work. I thought I would give you a follow up video about the fabric situation and the collection release date.
So, we are launching Talk To Strangers February 22nd, however I’ll have to keep you posted about how many styles will be available that day.
We are working so hard on finding 2019 ambassadors and looking for customers to do Instagram story take overs. If you are interested in that please email us with the details of your adventure or trip you’re going on and hopefully you can take us with you.
I’m not going to lie, I’m writing this very last minute and my brain isn’t feelin’ it today ladies. I want to give you better content than this so I’m gonna give myself a pass and get back to sewing custom orders… Thanks for watching the vid, I’ll have a better blog post up shortly about the BTS of Strange


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