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The New “Brand Rep” Program

Hey you cool cats and kittens! Have you been paying attention to our Instagram stories? If you have, you’re probably wondering what the fuzz is about. If you haven’t, well you’re about to find out. In the past, we’ve tried out quite a few different ways to operate our ambassador programs, but none of them has really sat right with us. Here are a few reasons why we feel like it didn’t work out, and some of them are the feedbacks from you guys! Yes, we listen to you!


We feel like the programs we have launched in the past are too complicated to grasp for our Strangers. We love to give you the freedom and creativity, so we didn’t give you instructions or a guideline on what you should be posting about. But I feel like that’s like when you leave a puppy a home without any space restraints and now that the puppy gets anxious about all the space it has because it just doesn’t know where to start, you know what I mean? Most of you are our loving Strangers that just want to talk about your passion regarding our suits or to spread the love and values that we share, the concepts that Strange Bikinis was built on. So here we are, almost 10 years later, I think we finally figure out what’s gonna work for us. While we were trying to scramble up a fun and innovative name, we ended up landing at the simplest name - The Brand Representative Program. Just like how simple the name is, that’s how simple we want the program to be. You’ve been giving us all your love, and now we’re ready to give back!


Since I first started Strange Bikinis to now, it has always been about making women feel their best and looking their strangest while being eco-friendly. That’s exactly what the purpose of the program is. We want to see you killin’ the bikini game everywhere and anywhere in the world. We have seen a lot of mountains and beaches and we love all of them, keep em’ coming y’all. But we also want to see our Strangers that are rocking it in a yoga studio, dancing at festivals, and partying at rooftop pools in the city. 


I say this every time, but truly thank you to all my Strangers out there. You guys amaze me every time when I see your content. So here’e how you can keep spreading your love on whether that be body positivity, eco-friendly material, or self confidence, etc. Tag us @strangebikinis on Instagram with #livestrangerously, and from there we will do the rest! We will be looking through all the tagged photos to pick out our reps, and this program is all about highlighting YOU! So keep showing the world how you #livestrangerously! While the perks will be privately messaged to you when you’re highlighted, but let me just say… you won’t want to miss out on this. It may have something to do with discounts and free suits… 👀


Thanks for reading this and I cannot tell you how excited I am to see what you girlfriends come up with! 


 Ali Conway

Designer of #livestrangerously

Instagram @bikinislanger



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