by Alison Conway March 15, 2018

If you feel like we do here at Strange about the current weather status of the Reno/Tahoe area, Summer cannot get here fast enough. Looking out the window on gloomy days, or being teased with surprisingly warm ones, we are fed up and all we want is to be out in our bikinis. With the disheartening news that the groundhog did in fact see his shadow and our dreams of warmer weather have been pushed back six more weeks, we have decided to take matters into our own hands! Who says you need warm weather to have a fun day at the beach in your bikini? Why can’t every season be bikini season? To channel this motto, Strange is excited to announce our first annual polar plunge The Big Dip!
Come be apart of the excitement Saturday March 24 at 11am at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort in North Lake Tahoe. Bring your Strange Bikini and get ready to dive into the frigid waters as an expression of collectivism, community, and straight up womanhood! This will be so much more than just another cold day at the lake. To start the event Kendra Hess Yoga will be leading a mini yoga session to help us get in touch with our minds and bodies, prior to taking The Big Dip. Once we’re all warmed up and ready, we'll brave the chilly waters together as we take a splash into Lake Tahoe! We have amazing photographers coming to document your bravery at this wild event. Once you have taken your plunge there will be a hot tub available for those Strangers who need a little extra warmth.
We’ve paired up with several local Reno and Tahoe businesses, and will be hosting a raffle with some great prize giveaways from Strange Bikinis, Deso, The Tides Project,Pure Barre, Tipsy Gypsy Boutique, Lahontan Letterworks, Tuff Peach, and Ella Beanies. Holy Schmitt Doughnuts and Coffee Bar will also be there to fuel you through the event.
If you have never heard of or seen a polar plunge done before, you might be reading this thinking we have gone a little crazy this winter for planning this event. We aren’t the only ones embracing the idea that every season can be bikini season! Polar plunges are thrilling events that go on all over the world, and we’re just jumping in on the fun. The oldest winter water swimmers are The Coney Island Polar Bear Club who claim it is "a boost to one's stamina, virility and immunity", sounds good to us! To prepare for our polar plunge dress in your favorite Strange Bikini, bring a yoga mat and clothes for yoga, towels/blankets, hand warmers, cozy clothes for after The Big Dip, and of course a courageous attitude! We look forward to bringing all of our Strangers together, and hope that you can be one of them!

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