The Big Clean 2019!

Hey Strangers!
Here’s how we choose to be sustainable and we’re encouraging you to do the same. I'm sure you’ve heard of “The 3 R’s” Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle but we can do more than that! Dig into the 7 ways we’re making a change:
1.) Recycle - After buying any products that are plastic, metal, glass or paper see if they're recyclable! At the bottom of most plastic products is a recycle sign along with a number which shows if they can be recycled. Clean them out and throw them in the green and blue bins.
2.) Stand up and support the brands that share the same values are you. Here at Strange Bikinis we produce all our ‘kinis in small batches on the West Coast. They’re high quality and we want our kinis to last for years to come. We also fix any damages to your favorite Strange ‘kinis! Fast fashion is one of the most polluting industries on the planet, invest in your values and find brands that support them too.
3.) Invest and then follow your goals to reuse products. One item that is easy to start with are reusable cups and containers. We stick our favorite Strange ‘Kini stickers on our coffee cups and water bottles and you can also buy some reusable food containers instead of using plastic baggies. Metal straws are one of our favorites to use! They’re easy to store in your bag or car, and they’re easy to clean. We use reusable bags wherever we go whether we’re heading to the beach or the grocery store. Check out our Strange tote bags we carry in store and on our website
4.)Be mindful while using water.While taking a shower try turning off the water while you're washing your hair or body and try to do the same while brushing your teeth and washing the dishes.
5.) Car pool. Carpooling is a big way you can reduce your carbon footprint each day. If there's an event you know someone else is going to too, see if you can go together! There are a bunch of places that also have carpool parking lots to drive with others.
6.)Eat locally! A lot of local businesses source their produce or meat locally, supporting each other. By doing this you pretty much know how they’re feeding their animals and taking care of their products.
7.) Clean up trash when you go to the beach because nobody likes a trashy beach. While we’re planning our beach day we plan on bringing a trash bag so we can clean up what we brought in, as well as, other trash that people have left behind.
August 17th, we’re participating in a worldwide beach cleanup; The Big Clean 2019, with Grow Wild nCo. Tickets are $3; all proceeds will be going to Ocean Matters. To join click HERE!
Okay babes, we’re challenging you to try out these 7 different ways that we chose to be sustainable.


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