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Strange Bikinis is Opening a New Bikini Shop in Santa Cruz!

I have something very exciting to announce. Yes--  we are launching more topsbottoms, and one pieces in the next few days, but  I have been secretly working on a new location for Strange Bikinis. I have been exploring ideas of how to reach more people to build this rad community of Strangers beyond just the internet thing. I want to meet you IRL. Having a store is such a great way to accomplish that, plus we know you gals love to try on swimsuits. 

Tahoe is a dream location for me. I really do think it would be so fun to get to see the lake and meet all the people that travel there from all over the world. However, after searching for a few spots and not feeling a good fit, I had let that idea settle. Tahoe is #goals, and I think I’ll get there one day, but for now we have plans for…. 

Santa Cruz! 


Yep! Give me all the California beachy, surfery, sand on my toes vibes in a new bikini. I had been invited out to Santa Cruz by our friends at Tipsy Gypsy for a pop-up sale (did someone say beach?) and when we went it was awesome. The town, the people ,and our event. We sold many bikinis, one pieces and sweatshirts but the best part was meeting so many rad people. Oh, and the tacos. Damn those tacos were good. 

Do you ever have things fall right into place to effortlessly that you just can’t ignore it? That is what happened while making the decision to open this second retail location and I love the street we are on. Soquel avenue is one of the main drags in the area and we are nestled right by Tipsy Gypsy, Midtown Surf Shop, a crepe restaurant and Charlie Hong Kong's famous Chinese.... I couldn't ask for anything better. Now you can get all that and a new bikini on the same day! 

If you are wondering how I did this, the answer is simple; with a little help from my friends. Amber who owns Tipsy Gypsy has helped me find my location and get me going. I was so nervous thinking about all the daunting tasks that go along with creating a new retail space, not to mention the building itself is historical so you have to have special permission to do renovations.


 My mind was racing with ideas as soon as I walked into space. What used to be a Pinots Pallet painted with bright vibrant murals was somehow going to transform into my dream bikini shop? Yes! The timing was perfect, and like I said, everything fell into my lap. I did all my shopping on Black Friday/Cyber Monday and scored some sales and amazing deals on decor. I was so excited to decorate the shop. That’s all the fun stuff.  

I drove from Reno to Santa Cruz over 5 times to work on the shop. Thank God the 49ers played when they did because it worked out perfectly with my husband's schedule to attend the games and then head over to Santa Cruz to help me build out my shop. Thanks Jake! ;) 

Our shop is quaint. It’s a mere 350 sq ft. and tiny, but it will be just fine to get us off and running. We have a beautiful neon sign in the shop that I’m just in love with. Seriously, I had a solo dance party there one night as I was stocking the store. We hope to carry more products like cover ups, more sizes in stock, beach accessories, and we will have our new arrivals hit the shops first. Of course I will still hand make any plus size or special design/color request swimsuits as I always have. Time to get a new bikini! 

 Our Santa Cruz shop will not be doing any shipping,   please still enjoy our beautiful website for that. Here’s a code for free shipping just because you read this: SantaCruz2020 

If you haven't been to Santa Cruz, then I would love to invite you to our Grand Opening on Saturday March 7th, 11-5 pm! We will be there and it would mean the world to me if I had Strangers show up. There are some amazing things to do in the area and you could easily make it a quick weekend getaway. I’m so ready for summer, but having this project has helped with that. There’s just something about California.

We will have all our 2020 collection in store and ready for you. Shop small and support women-owned business. I’m so excited for this endeavor. Our Reno store has been amazing to us, we can’t wait to see what we can do in California. Bikinis for every body… See you soon!  Here is a quick view of the shop. 


Address 1129 Soquel Ave, Santa Cruz, 95062


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