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Skydiving 101

Try Something Strange: How to Skydive!
When is the last time you did something Strange? Skydiving is an entire sport with a unique culture! It can take you around the world and introduce you to amazing people. Read below for some tips on how to dive in!
Start with a Tandem (or TWO)!
Gain the experience without worry! Begin with a tandem to see if the sport is something to invest in. Let the professionals do all the work and take in the sights and sensations.
Experience the Culture!
When you call to book your Tandem, ask if they have any experienced skydiver events coming up. These are called Boogies! Sport Skydivers travel from all over the world to attend boogies. The dropzone often has fun events scheduled after the sun goes down. Ask if you can camp onsite or rent a cabin or trailer for the nights before or after your jump. This is a great opportunity to make friends and see what it will be like once you earn your Skydiving License.
Take the Leap!
Start with the Accelerated Freefall Program (AFF) once you are ready to jump into the sport! You jump with two instructors that hold on to you during the jump. They ensure you are falling stable and that you deploy your canopy. Each set of gear also contains a tiny computer that will deploy your canopy for you if you need it! Once your parachute is over your head an instructor will talk to you via radio to help you land your parachute.
Hone Your Skills!
Skydiving isn’t as easy as falling from a plane. Freefall and canopy skills can take years to develop. Jump on opportunities such as canopy or wind tunnel coaching. Learn more about different skydiving disciplines and the requirements you’ll need.
Stay Safe!
Skydiving is all about having fun and being safe! Take it slow and seek out the most experienced people you can find in the sport. Believe it or not 200 jumps is not that many in the sport of skydiving. Look for advice from people who work in the sport. They could have upward of 10,000 jumps and will make sure you are getting accurate information.
Have Fun!
Once you are licensed you’ll be able to jump with other skydivers and join in on fun skydives. YouTube is full of cool skydiving videos! Toss on a Strange Bikini for your 100th jump and invite all your new skydiving friends to join!
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