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Shopping for Women’s Swimwear Cover-Ups and Wraps

Women have many options when shopping for swimwear cover-ups, including maxi dresses, cover-up dresses, sarongs, and crochet covers. And these don’t even account for the many colors and patterns available. 

With the right cover-up or wrap, you can turn a one-piece or bikini swimsuit into an entire ensemble, allowing you to be ready for any occasion. But with so many options available, finding the best cover-up or wrap for you can be difficult. The following tips can help you find the perfect swimsuit cover-up: 

  • Find a design and print that you like. There are a million options for bathing suit cover-ups. But you will want to consider your general style and find options that reflect this style and work well with your bathing suit. 

  • When looking for the right color, it should complement the bathing suit. You may also prefer a cut that ensures you are comfortable and accents features. It’s also important to consider where you will wear it. For instance, a long sleeve cover-up may not be nearly as comfortable as a beach dress if you spend the day at a beach. 

    Similarly, shirt dresses may not be appropriate if you plan to attend a get-together after a day in the sun. Instead, you may want something with a little more flair, such as a cover-up with a deep V-neck or bell sleeves.    

  • Look for a durable beach cover-up. There can be no denying that cover-ups have to hold up. They are often stuffed in bags or totes but must be ready to go when you need them. 

  • Cover-ups are exposed to sun, sand, and salt, all of which can degrade any fabric. And while materials like chiffon can look great, they may also tear easily or wear through quickly. 

    Finding a durable beach cover-up can ensure you don’t waste a ton of money replacing them constantly, and it also means that you will have an item of clothing that you love for much longer. 

  • Consider the fabric. It’s no secret that people feel different when wearing different materials. High-quality fabric can make anyone more comfortable and confident. But you must consider how the fabric will interact with your environment. 

  • For instance, a pool dress should be breathable if you are wearing it while at the beach or pool. This feature prevents you from overheating and ensures you stay comfortable. When selecting any cover-up, consider where you will be and how the fabric will feel while wearing your suit. You will definitely want to avoid anything too restricting or stifling.   

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  • Compliment your bathing suit. While shopping for swimwear cover-ups and wraps, it’s tempting to select the one you like and just buy it. But it is also a good idea to consider how it will look and feel with your favorite swimsuit. 

  • You will want to select something complimentary. For instance, if your bathing suit is tie-dyed, you may wish for a solid-colored cover-up to accentuate the suit rather than something heavily patterned, which would clash.

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  • Consider your body type. As any woman already knows, finding the perfect bathing suit is like finding a needle in a haystack. 

  • But this process can be much easier if you know how to shop for your body type. And this remains true even when shopping for swimwear cover-ups. For instance, the following tips can help with each body type.

    • To draw attention away from tummy bulges, look for a loose swimming suit cover-up, such as a tunic or oversized beach or shirt dress. Vibrant patterns and colors can also help people notice features other than your tummy.
    • To cover up the thighs, consider a maxi dress, shirt dress, or beach dress long enough to hide this area. With the right cut, this style can accentuate other curves and keep you feeling confident.
    • Minimizing the bust can be done by using dark colors or vertical accents. 
    • Accentuating the bust can be accomplished by selecting something with a deep V-cut neckline. Options with short sleeves also work well. 
    • Accentuating the legs can be done by wearing a short beach dress or a small sarong that leaves much of the legs exposed. Wrapped sarongs also provide an asymmetrical feature that pulls one's eyes to the area.

    Finding the right swimsuit cover-up or wrap can be just as challenging as finding the right bikini. You have to account for many factors, but keeping these tips in mind can make shopping for swimwear cover-ups a much more pleasant experience!


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