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Breathtaking Honeymoon Swimwear for Every Body Type

Many women spend months – or even years – planning a wedding. Every decision made concerning the big day can be stress-inducing. It's a great thing that weddings are generally followed by the couple's perfect honeymoon.

A quick review of the most popular honeymoon destinations reveals that almost all of them are tropical. And tropical vacations require bathing suits. It may be tempting to stuff a few of your old swimsuits into a suitcase and call it a day. But it's important to remember that most people only go on one honeymoon. The memories and photos from this trip will last a lifetime. This means you'll want to select the perfect bridal swimwear before leaving.

Selecting the Best Honeymoon Swimwear for Your Body Type

Similar to wedding dresses, certain bathing suits highlight different areas of the body and downplay others. Also like a wedding dress, the bride will want to find one that looks stunning on her. When searching for the perfect honeymoon swimwear, it's crucial to consider your body type. Some bathing suits simply look better on certain body types. 

Pear Shape: Pear-shaped women are curviest around their hips and smaller on top. Achieving a great look means finding a one-piece swimsuit or bikini that balances your proportions. Several great options for this body type to consider in their honeymoon swimwear selection include:

  • A shoulder bikini has a strap across one shoulder, while the other is free. It is great for pear shapes. This style draws attention to the bust area and accentuates curves in a flattering way. 
  • A classic one-piece with a plunging neckline is also a great option that can create a balanced look. 
  • A tankini or a bandeau bikini can also work well, especially when the top includes a bold or floral pattern. A sexy neckline can emphasize the bust's natural curves. This look is great when paired with solid-colored bottoms that help elongate the thighs.

Pear shapes may want to avoid boy shorts or thick-banded bottoms. They often don't work well with wide hips. And the extra fabric will draw attention to the area you are seeking to minimize.

Athletic Build: Women with an athletic build may want to find swimwear that gives the illusion of more curves. This type of suit can soften their look, which is ideal for romantic honeymoon settings. Bandeau bikinis and boy cut pieces will enhance the athletic figure. To create a more feminine look, consider:

  • Suits with embellishments or unique cuts around the bust to appear curvier. Women with an athletic build generally need less support. This means they can look amazing in triangle bikinis, strapless bikinis, and bandeaus - making them all great options.
  • High-waisted bikini bottoms can also add to a curvy appearance. A cutout suit or one with a deep neckline can accentuate this area for women with toned abs.

Apple Shape: Women with an apple shape generally have a wide bust and shoulders. This upper frame is paired with a rounder midsection and slim legs. Generally, the worst options for this body type are those that draw attention to your waist. Patterns and embellishments around the midriff are generally less flattering.

honeymoon swimwear

Attractive alternatives include:

  • A sexy one-piece swimsuit that has stunning details around the hips and the bust. This works well when the suit features darker colors around the middle. These suits can flatten the tummy and draw attention to other curves. How to Find a Unique One-piece Swimsuit
  • Bikinis with floral patterns that emphasize the curve of hips. Tankinis with high-waisted bottoms can also flatter the midsection. These suits look great on women with this body type.
  • Bottoms with side ties also draw attention from the tummy to other curves.

Hourglass Figures: Women with an hourglass figure can naturally look great in nearly all swimwear options. It's simply a matter of selecting swimwear that keeps your natural proportions in balance. The full bust, curvy hips, and small waist lend well to many styles, such as:

  • A classic high-leg bikini, with a waistband that covers the hip bone area. This creates a "V" that emphasizes the hourglass figure even more.
  • Plunging necklines and side-cut monokinis are also great options. 
  • Bikini tops that enhance the breast area. Examples include triangle bikinis and halter tops that look great on hourglass figures, especially when paired with simple bottoms. High-waisted bottoms can also enhance the appearance of a narrow waistline.

honeymoon swimwear

Large Bust: Women with a large bust can sometimes struggle to find swimwear that offers enough support, is comfortable, and still accentuates the curves. The best options for large-busted women include:

  • Halter tops that are designed for an ample bosom. Those with adjustable and wide straps can also increase comfort. This also reduces the amount of irritation that might be felt with smaller straps that dig into the skin. 
  • One-pieces swimsuits with a sweetheart style – these suits flatter the curves and enhance a voluptuous figure. 

Small Bust: On the other end of the spectrum, women with small busts often struggle to find swimwear that enhances the curves on the upper half of their bodies.

  • Bandeaus are great for this body type, especially when they feature bright, floral patterns or embellishments. These features attract further attention to the bust area.
  • Bikinis and one-piece swimsuits with ruffles can also give the illusion of a larger chest and more curves. 

Just like every woman has a unique vision for what makes a perfect wedding, every woman also has a unique honeymoon and swimwear style. The suggestions on this list are great for overcoming what common insecurities felt by women with each of these body types are.

But at the end of the day, a honeymoon is a time for fun, relaxation, and romance. Whether you choose a white suit in any style to continue the bridal look or a fun floral print, your honeymoon swimwear should reflect who you are, and it should be something you are comfortable wearing.

Your betrothed has already committed to loving you for exactly who you are. So, don’t stress too much and select honeymoon swimwear that you love. Having a swimsuit that reflects exactly who you are is the best way to ensure romance and relaxation will be abundant on your honeymoon!


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