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4 Reasons Why You Need a Bandeau Bathing Suit This Summer

4 Reasons Why You Need a Bandeau Bathing Suit This Summer




Many women have several classic cut bikini tops and one-pieces in their summer swimwear collection. While these suits can be highly flattering and achieve an ideal summer look, there are several crucial reasons why you may want to consider adding a bandeau bathing suit to the mix. 


Bandeaus are a popular form of strapless bathing suits that are comprised of fabric that covers the bust area. They come in a variety of variations, shapes, colors, patterns, and fabrics to accommodate different body types.  Some may have a thin strap for added support, that can be removed or added while wearing the bathing suit.

If you have never owned a bandeau bathing suit, this may be the year for you to try sporting one while soaking in the summer sun. There are several reasons to consider the bandeau.


1. No Upper Body Tan Lines

The strapless nature of the bandeau bathing suit means that you can tan your upper body without developing tan lines on your shoulders. This benefit means that you can wear tank tops all summer long without worrying about unsightly tan lines. Your radiant summer glow will be the only thing people notice about you. 

While bandeaus may not provide enough support for high exertion and lots of physical activity, they are ideal for relaxing days spent just soaking up the sun. And no matter how active you may be, everyone enjoys a few of these days each summer. If you have a bandeau that does feature straps, the straps can often be used during activity and removed or loosened while you are relaxing to minimize the development of tan lines, creating added flexibility.  

2. Bandeau Bathing Suits Can Double as a Strapless Bra

Many people enjoy the carefree nature of summer – starting your day at the beach or pool and following wherever the day may take you. The unpredictable nature of long summer days can certainly take us on some unexpected adventures. If you aren’t prepared for a drastic change in plans, you can be caught in an uncomfortable situation. Bandeau bikini tops can double as a strapless bra, which means that no matter where the day may take you, you can throw anything on over it and be ready for your next adventure. 

The versatility offered by the bandeau means that you can seamlessly change from beachwear to evening wear without any effort. Even after a long day at the beach, you can be ready to hit the town in minutes, rather than hours, when wearing a bandeau bathing suit. 

3. Bandeau Bathing Suits Are Incredibly Flattering and Can Accentuate Your Bust

There’s no point in denying that many women feel insecure in a bathing suit. Fortunately, bandeau bathing suits are available in many one-piece and bikini options, which means that the right bandeau can be flattering in nearly all body types (although women with large busts may want to find one with extra support). However, for women who may be self-conscious about having a smaller chest, bandeau tops are perfect for drawing attention to the area and creating a very flattering look. 

Bandeau bathing suits come in many different styles, so no matter what your insecurity may be, the right bandeau bathing suit can provide the look and comfort you need to give your self-confidence a boost. These stylish suits often exude the confidence you may need to take your summer look to the next level. 

4. Bandeau Bathing Suits are Fashion-Forward and Fun

Bandeau bathing suits have been available for years, and they remain in fashion simply because they are so flattering on so many women. And yet, they don’t enjoy the same popularity as classic bikini tops and one-pieces. 

Whenever you visit a crowded beach or pool, you’ll be sure to see tons of women wearing one-piece suits and bikinis, but far fewer in a bandeau suit. They are a popular option, yet not too popular, which means they are a perfect choice if you want your style to stand out from the crowd. 

Bandeau bathing suits are bold and daring, and they come in many varieties. This means that you can be sure to find one that looks great and provides maximum comfort throughout the day – and as an added bonus, you can be sure that it will catch everyone’s eye.

For women who crave a distinct fashion-forward style, the bandeau bathing suit is exactly what they need in their swimwear collection!

Finding the Perfect Bandeau for Summer 2020

Summer is upon us; the weather is getting warmer and warmer, and we can look forward to many long days enjoying the sun, sand, and water.  Women around the country are taking stock of their current swimwear options and adding whatever is still needed. While a bandeau bathing suit may not be an option that immediately comes to mind, it is a great option for this year.

The bandeau bathing suit -both as a one-piece or as a bikini - is definitely in fashion, and there are tons of options for different cuts, styles, materials, textures, and embellishments. With this level of variety, bandeaus can look flattering on nearly all body types. They provide the flexibility that many women want for unpredictable summer days, and they can ensure that you develop a perfectly sun-kissed (and tan line-free) and radiant glow. 

In addition to their fashion and versatility, bandeaus can provide a lot of comfort. While they might not be the most supportive suit in the bust area, there are many options that can provide additional support and removable straps to allow for maximum comfort no matter what activity you may want to take part in while hitting the beach. The bottom line is that if you don’t have a bandeau bathing suit, now is a good time to try one out and experience all of the benefits that this swimwear can provide. And if you do have one, you likely already know how great they are and want to consider additional styles to increase the diversity of your swimsuit options. A stylish bandeau can be just what the doctor ordered to complete your ideal look for summer 2020. 


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