Sayonara Social! (What Does That Mean?)

Hello Strangers!
Our Strangers have been all over the world this Summer season showing off their ‘kinis and living life to the fullest. From Bali to Greece, and Mexico to the entirety of the United States, we have been ecstatic to see all of you ladies put on your Strange Bikinis and take on the world.
For us, this summer has been full of day trips to Lake Tahoe and basking in the Sierra sun – with sunscreen of course! We have made it a point to put ourselves first, whether it be in our personal life or work life, our happiness and sanity should always come first. But… we still find that difficult when social media can sometimes turn into an all consuming habit.
As we reflect on the incredible Summer we just had, Strange will be taking a short social media break to be present with friends and loved ones, and prepare for the upcoming Winter season and new year. Although it is a major platform for the company, too much social media for anyone is never beneficial. We hope to pull ourselves away from the phone screen as much as possible, and make an effort to show up for the people that matter most. We are planning to take this break in the next couple weeks. We hope you will support us when we return. Thank you for being a true Stranger and thank you for letting us breath.
We are entering into the time of year to be thankful and grateful for each and every thing in your life. We hope you continue to explore throughout the rest of the year and be unapologetically yourself in everything you do. While we cleanse from social media, we recommend you do the same. Be present. Be thankful. Be Strange.


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