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Pump Up My Jam!

It’s been really challenging to write blog posts lately. Just add that to the list of things that have been challenging. I’m not sure what it is or if I should spend more time even caring why everything seems to be such a challenge for me lately. However it was a goal of mine to start to write more... so here it is.
How the internet says blogging looks like....
What me blogging actually looks like. Same Same nah? #officialblogger :)
I guess the hardest part for me about blogging is pin pointing what topic I want to talk about. I have so many. Let me list a few for you.
The obvious and not so obvious ups and downs of running my own business...My favorite songs at the moment.My silly back burner dreams. This one might surprise you.My favorite people, you know who you are, but do you k ow why?My least favorite people haha jk I wouldn’t do that.
My fitness journey... and getting my pre baby bod back. This is coming. I have a weigh in and check in with my team at Ramp Reno aka Roundabout Meal Prep . I’ll be posting my journey with their meal prep plans. I’m excited about it.
Why I want to give up sometimes. We all want to give up, or at least I tell myself that it’s a normal feeling. Idk maybe I’m wrong.How I have always felt average, and I’m ok with that. Ain’t nothing wrong with be average. Look where it’s gotten me. Why living Strange is more than the fad of saying you’re inclusive or body positive.
I could keep going and going.... I have a lot I want to say... today I’m going to pick a nice and easy one.... music This list is just the top 30 That really pump me up, or inspires me in the work zone. There’s a lot that I listen to that didn’t make this list. I’ll post more play lists later. Hope you enjoy.


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