by Alison Conway November 07, 2019

Did you know that 50% of plastic is used only once and then thrown away? And only 10% of plastics are recycled? Plastic never goes away. It breaks down into smaller particles which end up in our oceans, drinking water, and food supply.
Join us in participating in Plastic FREE Fridays. Every Friday we are saying "NO" to single use plastic and making it a point to use reusable items all day long. Although we are starting to spread awareness of this environmental crisis only on Fridays, we hope to show Strangers everywhere that this can be implemented into everyday life. The message of Plastic Free Fridays is bigger than just one day. It is a movement to start making changes in your everyday habits, and eventually those changes will create new habits - staying away from plastic altogether!
Here are a couple of easy ways that you can participate. Everyone can say “it’s just one straw or cup" but those add up very quickly.
Use a reusable water bottle and/or coffee cup! Heading to your favorite coffee shop? Most places give you a discount for bringing your reusable own cup. It is so easy to keep a water bottle in your car and fill it up throughout the day. Add a Strange sticker to decorate your bottle up and share the Strange message of being environmentally friendly.
Bring your reusable bags to the grocery store or while your out shopping. If it’s hard to remember them before you head to the grocery store, keep them in your car! Strange Bikinis tote bags are perfect for grocery shopping. In addition, try not to use the small produce bags when you go to the grocery store. Instead, invest in a mesh produce bag and consolidate those with your reusable bags in your car!
Carry your reusable straws and silverware with you. There are many cheap silverware kits online that you can invest in and keep in your purse or backpack. #SaveTheTurtles
Think about the products you're buying. How much plastic does the item you're buying come in? While you're shopping, try to pick items that are in recycled packaging like glass or aluminum. Here are some substitutes to try and switch to: instead of shampoo bottles switch to shampoo bars, instead of plastic toothbrushes try switching to bamboo ones, instead of buying clothes at the mall try going to a thrift store!
Get out and pick up any plastic/garbage that you see on the beaches and streets. Carry a bag with you dedicated to picking up trash wherever your next adventure is off to. Even picking up one piece of trash a day is better than nothing. Challenge yourself to 10 pieces!
How do you remember to participate with Plastic Free Fridays? Set a reminder on your phone for Thursday night and Friday mornings. If you are a Strange Instagram follower, you will hear about it from us each and every Friday! Even better find a Strange pal and share this list with them and help each other stay accountable.
So how are we getting rid of our plastic pollution? On Fridays we'll be eliminating the clear plastic cellophane baggies that we use to ship our 'kinis in. Once we run out of the plastic supplies we currently have, we won’t be getting
any more! We’re slowly but surely making sure to reduce our carbon footprint as a growing business. That being said, have you heard about our new fabric? If not, read all about it here! We aim to continue moving in a positive plastic free and sustainable direction.
Share your Plastic Free Fridays with us @strangebikinis on Instagram!

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