Out of the Box Travel Destinations for a Girl Getaway

With COVID travel restrictions easing up in many areas around the world, many people are looking to book the perfect weekend getaway. And since most people's travel plans got put on hold for 18 months, many are dreaming big now! And while family vacations and romantic getaways are fun, there's nothing like a girl get-away.

Spending time with friends is essential for many women. And many women felt an increase in stress levels during the pandemic. After all, they shouldered much of the responsibilities of caring for family, homeschooling, working, and worrying about the pandemic. For these women, a girl getaway is a perfect way to get out of the house, relax, and unwind. 

A few of the top weekend getaway ideas for ladies include: 

New York: New York City is one of the best places to visit with a group of girls. The city has a vibrant nightlife scene, tons of culture, amazing shopping, and lots of delicious food. And there are many places to stay, including top international hotel chains. Or, if you prefer a locally owned boutique hotel, they can frequently offer an amazing experience at a lower price per night.

If you would prefer a more artistic trip to New York, take advantage of the many theatres and music venues. For adventurous girls, there are many state parks that can offer tons of natural beauty. No matter what you are looking for, New York can provide an amazing girls' weekend. 

New Orleans: There are many reasons to consider New Orleans for your next weekend getaway. The city has a rich food scene and tons of live music options. You can take a relaxing walking tour through the historic district of New Orleans. This excursion lets you truly experience the city's rich history and culture.

You can also pack up the girls and head out for a quick road trip to visit the many wineries near the city. These local wineries allow you to experience carefully crafted local vintages. Plus, there are tons of bars, restaurants, spas, salons, and boutiques that you can visit. Whether you are looking for excitement or relaxation, New Orleans can deliver. 

Palm Beach: Palm Beach is one of the best options for a weekend getaway with your best girlfriends. There are world-class hotels or boutique accommodations that offer luxury with a hint of local flair. Visiting Long Beach Island is sure to be a good time. Your group can ride bicycles or electric scooters around to see the local offerings.

Palm Beach also offers many happy hour tours that allow you to taste a sample of many of the city's most famous restaurants. These tours often feature small plates and drinks. The city of Palm Beach also hosts a live concert series if you want to enjoy some great music in the warm climate. And of course, there are tons of adventures waiting for you at the beach. Whether you enjoy snorkeling, scuba diving, or just soaking in the sun, you can unwind near or in the beautiful waters. Palm Beach is an ideal destination for a girls' trip.

Rhode Island: Rhode Island might not be the first place that comes to mind when planning a girl's getaway. But there are plenty of reasons why this state makes for a great destination. As a busy sailing port, the city of Newport used to be a popular destination for the wealthy. So, there are tons of boutique hotels and inns. And there are tons of local vineyards nestled in the surrounding New England hills.

Additionally, you can easily find a sailing tour that will show you why sailing is so popular in this state. There are many reasons to fall in love with this charming locale. Providence, Rhode Island, offers a slightly different scene. As a trendy city with a thriving art and music scene, this city has a unique vibe. And it has stunning beaches and some great seafood restaurants. It's definitely a go-to destination for art-loving groups. 

North Carolina: The state of North Carolina also offers a ton of options for your girls' weekend. The breathtaking mountains and hospitality found in this state can't be beaten. And you can take day trips to visit multiple state parks with picturesque scenery and tons of wildlife.

North Carolina has a vibrant local food scene with many homemade wines and cheeses, among other offerings. The whimsical feel in many downtowns across this state also offers unique shopping experiences and tons of history and culture. It is an ideal spot to relax, do a little yoga, and come back feeling refreshed. For a unique girls' weekend, consider North Carolina.

Key West: Key West is an island city that is part of the Florida Keys. Its location makes Key West the ultimate destination for a vacation filled with sun and sand. The city is famous for its white-sand beaches and stunning waters, making it ideal for relaxing in the sun.

Key West also has over four hundred restaurants and boutique hotels. And it offers a dynamic nightlife scene. These offerings mean you can truly experience the local culture. You can have the best of everything in Key West. Spend the day at the beach, followed by shopping and amazing local cuisine, then hit the city for dancing. Key West is a great place for a girls' weekend you will never forget. 

Many women are itching to travel after spending months cooped up in the house. And a stress-free girls' weekend is the perfect way to reconnect with friends and feel reinvigorated. These vacations aren't just fun; they are actually good for our mental health. Shedding responsibilities and giving your brain a break – even for a weekend – can exponentially improve happiness in all aspects of life. 

These trip ideas can give you a few destinations to consider when planning your girls' weekend getaway. But if you are with your best pals, you will likely have fun anywhere your group decides to travel!


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