by Alison Conway April 23, 2019

On Earth Day we asked our Strangers what tips they have on sustainable living. We got so many great responses so we thought we should compile them all and share them here! Here's what they had to say:
"When I go to the park I pick up 5 items of trash. I've seen some narly stuff!" - @schnopsy
"Switch to shampoo bars instead of big plastic bottles! Earth (and your hair) will love it!" - @zo3ta
"Compost at home! We use a bucket, and dump it off at the community compost." - kaylarolufs
"I really like making my own tooth paste, laundry detergent, and dish soup. Easy to do!" "And Ethique body and hair care bars are amazing." - @highdesert_han
"My boys and I make sure to pick up trash even when it's not ours. Make sure to recycle and not waste." - @megthorne66
"Always BYOB (bring your own bag) and say no to plastic straws" - @mai.mai.maile
"Bring a set of silverware with you (I carry a spork) so you don't have to use plastic utensils :)" - @caitlin_evans
"Shop local (less transportation). Thrift. Bring your own coffee mug!" - @bikinislanger
"Use a reusable coffee cup! I'm obsessed with my KeepCup." - @nic.nunez
"Decrease single use plastics by investing in a water bottle!" - @the__gabby
"Shop LOCAL!! Community Co-ops are and clothes made in the USA." - @hannahbee15
"Go Vegan " - @tylermiranne
"Not sure this counts but Scott single roll toilet paper creates half the waste as most other tp." - @edincarpentermakeup
"You can refill your shampoo, conditioner, soap, and body wash bottles at the Co-op in Reno!" - @hanuh_
"Reusable PRODUCE bags (available at Raleys)." "Refillable Keurig Cups!" - @sianne.etc
"So easy to make your own lotion, face wash and other moisturizers on Pinterest." - @hanuh_
"Worn out cotton t-shirts can be composted or buried in your garden to become worm food!" "Resealable bags from tortillas, nuts, etc. can be reused for anything you'd use a ziplock for." "Your local library probably has a community seed sharing library." - @jenningslindsey
"I always pack a multi-utensil for work, even if I don't pack a lunch I'm cutting down on plastic utensils." - @ashlyn_louise
"Say no to single use plastic. Straws, bags, utensils, etc. & containers in car." - @mariealtshuler
"Meatless Monday's " @lindsaywex
"Switching to a menstrual cup was one of the best things I've ever done!" - @krazepaige
"Refusing laundry detergent and soap containers and filling them up at the Co-op in town 🤗" - @andreastuemky
"Compost your food scraps with @downtoearthcomposting" - @klassykashmir
"Walk or bike instead of driving when you can!" - @mkarrs
"Compost" - @emmersdo
"Use Grey water for the toilet and water from the kitchen (say when you cook pasta) for gardening." - @nairfromearth
Shout out to everyone who shared! These really got me thinking on things I could easily implement to reduce my own waste. Since reading these I have done research on homemade laundry detergents, soups, hairs bars, etc.! Pinterest is definitely a great resource for these kinds of things.
#MakeEverydayEarthDay because there is no planet B!

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