by Alison Conway December 05, 2018

Thank you, Strangers!
We are super thankful for all the Warehouse sale orders and are working hard to finish up the last few orders!
The Wedge Ceramics 7th Annual
Cash & Carry 12.7.18
We are so excited for another year of the Wedge Ceramics Cash & Carry event! They will have hundreds of handmade ceramic bowls to choose from, and for a $25 contribution you can pick a bowl and fill it with chili catered by Butter & Salt. There will also be beverages and merriment!
Deso Supply Co. Pop-Up 12.9.18
We are excited to announce Deso Clothing Supply will be holding a Pop-Up at the Strange Bikinis Warehouse Sunday, 12.9.18 from 11a-4p. Strange Bikinis and Deso will be offering a 20% discount in stores only! TahoeMade attire will be onsite as well. This is the perfect opportunity to shop for the adventurous gal in your life!
Santa Clause is Coming to
Sierra Water Gardens
Santa and Mrs. Claus will be visiting the garden to bring in the Christmas spirit and take some photos with your loved ones. Osage Creative team will be offering portrait sessions. The garden will be decorated, and we will have some amazing local vendors for you to get the perfect Christmas gift. So, stop by and enjoy a hot chocolate and many other surprises. Let’s not forget the Elf who will be collecting letters for Santa! More deets here.
Our work-space got an update!
We are so stoked because I finally get to install floors upstairs in my work space. This has thrown a wrench (haha! get i?t) in to our production and that's why we are a little behind so thank you to everyone for their patience.
Strange Sweatshirts Restocked
We got a HUGE shipment of Strange Sweatshirts just in time for the colder weather! Head over to our website ASAP and snag one before they're gone!
We have something exciting in the works...
We want to show you all just how much we appreciate your support over the years! We will be sharing something BIG on our instagram starting 12.9.18... Make sure you’re following us so you don’t miss out!
Gift Cards Available!
Snag one for the Strange Babe in your life.
A word from Ali...
"What a crazy awesome year 2018 I'm going to finish the year with a bang! Like we said above, We are finalizing some of the construction aspects of our home office/warehouse/store. It feels so good to finally have floors (that's right there wasn't even floors!!) upstairs where I work. I spend most my time up there and now I have Calvin, my son, and it's so important to have a safe and clean area for him.
I'm excited to write more blog posts this year and also super stoked to have some help with Strange Bikinis from digital (! You might take notice that we are expanding and I couldn't be more thrilled. Change is insanely scary. I get nervous when I think of too much change at one time, but it's for the best and it will help me/Strange Bikinis get closer to my goals. For the longest time I have run SB independently. Fun and also not so fun. I'm pumped to have team members and a support system within to help make this dream of mine happen. LIKE REALLY HAPPEN.
I can't wait for 2019. Thanks as always for you support and patronage!

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