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How to Fix Saggy Swimsuit Bottoms

Finding a swimsuit that fits your body and makes you feel confident can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack. Unfortunately, we have all experienced this, and when you find your perfect swimsuit, you want it to last forever! Or, at least for as long as possible. 

But, unfortunately, after you wash your swimsuit a few times, some begin to stretch and disfigure, leading to the dreaded saggy swimsuit bottoms. Ugh. 

This is no news, Stranger, but saggy swim bottoms can be incredibly uncomfortable. Worse yet, they can make you feel like you are wearing a diaper, which can definitely put a damper on your summer fun. Whether at the beach or pool, this time should be fun and relaxing rather than filled with feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort from ill-fitting bikini bottoms. 

If you find yourself with saggy swimsuit bottoms, there are several great fixes to save your suit:

  • Attach matching straps: One of the easiest ways to fix saggy bathing suit bottoms is by attaching two matching straps to the bottoms. Using a needle and thread, you can put one on each side of your bikini bottoms, which turns your regular bottoms into a tie-up bikini. This solution is stylish and functional and solves your saggy bottom problem.

  • Insert an elastic band: If your saggy swimsuit bottoms are also a bit big for you, it’s easy to add an elastic band to create a better fit. The band can be added to the inside of your suit's waist, shortening the bottoms' waistline. The benefit of this solution is that the elastic will be comfortable and provide a better fit. 

  • Fold the waistband and re-stitch it: This option may be the easiest and quickest solution. By simply folding the waistband inward and re-sewing it, you can ensure the suit fits you great. And if you need a little extra room in the future, removing the stitches and bringing the bottoms back to their original state can be easy. 

  • Attach drawstrings: Clothing with drawstrings on the waist are very popular since they are comfortable and adjustable. And while this isn’t a feature commonly seen with swimsuit bottoms, it can solve the problem of saggy bottoms and leave you feeling comfortable in your suit again. 

  • First, add the drawstring to the lining of your waistband. Once it is there, you can tie your bottoms for a comfortable fit. If you want to make it easier to adjust the drawstring, you can tie a know or add a safety pin on the end. 

  • Resize the bottoms: This option will give you a perfect fit. Unfortunately, you may need to take it to a tailor to have it done properly unless you have above-average sewing skills. This fix involves taking accurate measurements, cutting the suit, and re-sewing it together to be smaller than it was. 

  • These suggestions will solve the problem of saggy swimsuit bottoms. Unfortunately, there is no quick and easy fix. It’s easier to prevent saggy bottoms than fix them. There are several strategies you can use to avoid getting saggy bottoms

    First, wash your suit according to the manufacturer’s specifications. Throwing a bathing suit in with any load of laundry and washing it like other clothing is a recipe for creating an ill-fitting suit. The agitation of washing machines can stretch the suit’s fabric, which commonly includes polyester, spandex, or elastane. 

    Most bathing suits should be hand washed or washed on a gentle cycle with a small amount of detergent or baking soda. 

    Additionally, you should never throw a bathing suit in the dryer, as the heat can deteriorate the fabric fibers and lead to a poor fit everywhere. Instead, they should be dried on a flat surface. Even air drying on a hanger or clothesline can cause stretching as the moisture moves to the bottom and pulls on the fabric while drying.  

    It’s also a good idea to look for quality bathing suits. While these can be a bit more pricey than ones in big-box stores, they also tend to hold up better over time. And this quality can go a long way toward keeping your bottoms from sagging. 

    In addition to looking for quality, you should purchase a bathing suit that fits your body well. The stretching will eventually distort the fabric and ensure a poor fit. Nothing will ruin a great day of summer fun like saggy swimsuit bottoms. Preventing sagginess or fixing it quickly can get your day back on track!


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