by Alison Conway April 16, 2019

Our world is being littered by plastic and pollution at alarming rates! To protect our most precious resource, Mother Earth, we all have room to think and live more consciously.
Some are easy: “Hold the straw, please!”
Some are much harder: Google zero waste living...
To celebrate Earth Day, the Strange Bikini Tribe is sharing some of the actions they take to embrace sustainability. Don’t forget… there’s no Planet B!
"I have never actually participated in an organized beach clean up, but every time I got surfing, I make sure I leave the water and beach with something to throw away. I collect trash in the water by keeping it in my wetsuit until I can throw it away. Gotta give the ocean some love."
Hi, I’m Shelby and I live full-time in a renovated RV. Going tiny has definitely opened my eyes to the importance of sustainability. For instance, we often live on campsites that do not have full hook-ups, and therefore we have to be very conscious of our water usage. We take 8 minute military showers, and only do our dishes once a week to conserve water.
Another impactful way going tiny has led me to a more sustainable lifestyle is with my wardrobe and closet. My rule for the RV closet is that if I bring something in, I have to also take something out to donate. Both buying/selling or donating second hand has become the predominant way I keep a revolving closet without lending a hand to the growing culture of throw away fashion.
How do you walk a little lighter? Happy Mother Earth Day, stay strange friends!
I live in Maui and participate in beach cleanups with dog child, Duke. I carried that box a half mile with all the barnacle poking me to throw it away!
In 2017 I made a New Year’s resolution to better understand the fashion industry and shop more ethically. In the last two years, I have learned so much about fast fashion and the impacts it has on the environment. From flat-out waste to water pollution, there’s nothing cheap about cheap fashion. I’ve sworn off large brands like Forever 21 and American Eagle and changed my sights to focus only on small, sustainable clothing brands (like Strange Bikinis!). I’m also trying to lessen my plastic consumption! I am always floored by how much waste goes on inside grocery stores… I try to be mindful when purchasing food to buy fresh whenever possible and avoid packaging with excessive plastic. Single-use plastic, like water bottles and plastic straws, was also easy to eliminate by investing in reusable items. My Nalgene water bottle keeps me environmentally conscious and always hydrated!
Happy Earth Day, strangers! Make the most of your time on this planet and let’s leave every beach, every forest, and every street better than we found it.
We also want to know more about how you embrace sustainability, babes! Tag us in your posts and stories on Earth Day and beyond.
We <3 you! - @creatinggcourtney and the SB Fam

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