by Alison Conway May 02, 2019

It just so happens that a few of our styles are great for all the HOT Mom-bods out there. Need to slip a nip to feed your baby? We've got functional styles for that... The girls not as perky as they once were? Don't worry! We have tops that will make you and your boobies happy. Not quite ready to show off your tiger stripes, don't you worry about a thang babe... While we believe you look AMAZING just the way you are, we understand it's more important to be comfortable and confident in your bikini! That's what we're all about her at Strange. We want you to LIVE in and LOVE your bikini bod
Now don't get us wrong... We believe each and everyone of our styles is made for all the Mom's out there. But we also understand there are a few styles our Mom's seem to love the most. So, we're going to feature those most-loved-by-mom-styles for you!
1. Tango Wrap Top
Our Tango Wrap Top is our most versatile top. There are endless ways you can wear and tie her. Whether you're looking for a functional top for breastfeeding or something that you can confidentially rock knowing your boobs are being supported and held in place - Tango Wrap Top is your girl!
2. High-Waisted Bottoms
We have a few great high-waisted styles... If you're not ready to show off your full tummy just yet... I SO get it! That darn little pooch just doesn't seem to go away no matter what I do. That's why these high-waisted styles are my absolute fave! They sit just below the belly button and look amazing on ALL body types. Not to mention high-waisted bottoms are totally in style right now
Shop our High-Waisted styles: El Capitan, Hitchhiker, High Tied
3. The Monokini
One-pieces don't have to be boring because we know you're far from boring Mama! Bring the class or SASS in our Galena Monokini from the beach to chasing around your little one. Looking for a little something extra? Our Hoosierstyle is bringing the party on the sides with her fun slit style all the way up! Or, if your more into the corset style, check out our Stryker! We gave this style an update this year with the corset on the back and front for a little something extra.
4. Arancia Top
Our most-loved top! And for a good reason.. Another adjustable top that brings the support! With the strappy back style, you can tighten her up to hold in the girls or loosen her up as your boobies grow with pregnancy.
5. Fuller Coverage Bottoms
Family vacay to the beach? We know you have a pair of cheeky Half Dome bottoms when it's just you and the hubs ... But when you're heading the the pool or beach with the fam we understand you may want that extra coverage for your bum... That's where the Fuller Coverage Dallas Dukes come in! Our Hannah bottoms and Moon Dunes are also both great options for a little extra coverage.
While these styles are favorited most among our Strange Mom's... We do believe all of our styles are made for ALL the rocking Mom bods out there! Whatever your style, you do you boo. We're all about the CHEEKY
We invite you to check out all of or styles HERE and decide what you love best!

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