by Alison Conway June 20, 2019

One of my favorite summer events is finally here! Next Friday June 28th Discover Dickerson with Wyld Market will be going down on Dickerson road 4p.m. to 9p.m. Come join us for this free rad event to support the local Dickerson crew, it’s an event you will not want to miss.
As you enter the Dickerson area on 2nd Street be sure to check out The Nest on the corner with all your vintage attire. There’s always a hidden gem waiting to be found.
Second stop, the welcome desk will be at the Dickerson mural next to the Airstream to get a road map to all the talented local vendors. Check in at each location to be entered into a giveaway as you discover your way down Dickerson road!
Who’s going to be there you ask?
Of course, we’ll be open for business along with Sierra Water Garden, The Wedge Ceramics Studio, Wandering Wyld, and more. We’ll be having a popup featuring a local college artist who just so happens to be on our Strange team, Maddie! She will be popping up with her handmade Lake Tahoe and Nevada string art, so be sure to check her out. Sierra Water Gardens will also be having a popup with Empty Hands Vintage.
There will be live music by The Fantods in between us, Strange Bikinis, and Sierra Water Gardens. Drinks will be at Hitch Sierra Water Gardens with delicious food from our local food trucks.
Wander your way through the local vendors including artists, artisans, craftspeople and more. There will be more to discover so come get your party on and be sure to use the #DiscoverDickerson!

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