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This is a continuation from our newsletter, I like to keep it real but also I don’t want to bore people on my email list. I have so much to say about behind the scenes, the shop, entrepreneurship, being a Boss Mom, travel, whole sale, events I mean really there is so much going on in my brain and I just want to share it all with you. (This screen shot is my face but a perfect depiction of my brain esp. that middle shot) ------>
So stoked that you all get to see the Talk To Strangers collection and so far it seems that everyone is just as stoked on it as I am. I of course, was in love with the fabric and you have watched and read about that already. I’m just so elated that the construction and quality of SB continues to get better and better. Of course as I grow and learn and change I have to learn to roll with the punches and there will always be unexpected things that come my way, but I just keep pushing on and hope that I create a happy brand and quality product.
For those of you have received your new 2019 SB… Amiright about that buttery fabric or what?!?! Amen! Here's me in the Stryker. I took this to show it on my post baby bod and that I'm wearing a medium. I'm still working on loosing my baby weight but I feel pretty cute in this print and style.
Moving on.
Wow I can’t believe I launched a new collection with next to zero lifestyle images to tease you with. Not to mention I have no lifestyle or look book photos for this collection up on the site. Normally, we shoot in the early fall and have some content to push through Winter. This year I had none. I wasn’t sure what would happen, but what I found out is that you guys are so amazing you didn’t need as many teasers and photos of the newness, you still came through on launch day and purchased like rockstars. Thank you! That is a huge relief. Good news, I’m literally driving to the California coast as you read this to shoot with our Favs Lora Wagoner and babe of all babes… Heather… So get ready to see all the beautiful creations and colors on the body.
If you follow my personal account than you might have seen a rant from me about giving away so much free shit in 2018. Sorry, but I’m just not doing that again. I love my ambassador program and it has helped me grow and meet people (Strangers) all across the world. However, it’s time to strategize and think of a more cost effective way to market my swimwear. I think that my customers do such a damn good job of tagged photos, that I’m ready to really make you my models. #bossbmove. Haha.
I’m really excited about The Big Dip, however it is a mother *&^%er trying to raise money. I mean it. I thought it would be a breeze to ask local companies
big and small for a donation towards and awesome non profit. NOT EVEN CLOSE. So many companies said they couldn’t help out with a donation or a raffle prize, but they’d love to do a giveaway with Strange Bikinis. (ummmm. NO. F. OFF) In what world? Or we also heard back things like “ Well we can’t contribute a donation but we can get you a $15 gift card to our establishment and we need you to supply us with photos and video of our contribution” OR “if we contribute can we get a free swimsuit?” LMAO. NO I’M TRYING TO RAISE MONEY. Anyways, I don’t want to rant too long on this. My whole point is to shed some light on just how hard it is to do a good deedand raise money. My hat goes off to companies that do stuff like this often and also Non-profits doing it all the damn time. It’s exhausting. I’m sad about it too because I thought with out a doubt we’d raise $5K. Not even close. We will have raised some money and hopefully spread the word about Zawadisha and Women As Change Makers.
For those companies that stepped up and donated and sponsored my dippers, I will forever love and support your company and will happily do anything for you. Thank you for being Strangely generous.
Here are those companies.
Jamah Blend
There may be a few more than this that contribute, but these companies all rock because they just said YES!
I’ll leave you there, please support these companies and look in to them. They all have bad ass small businesses and as you know from me, it’s so nice to have a word of mouth referral. Tell them a Stranger sent ya!
PS. NO BIG Local companies joined us or offered to help in anyway. NONE. No GSR, No Whitney Peak, No Peppermill, No one with any significant clout that could have easily boosted our number. It was the small businesses that made it happen. #shopsmall #always


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