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Curvy Girl Swimsuits: How to Feel the Most Confidence

It’s no big secret that many of us strangers can feel most self-conscious in swimwear. And this feeling impacts women of all beautiful shapes and sizes. But curvy girls may feel especially uncomfortable. Whether rational or not, something about being in a swimsuit and baring it all can be very nerve-wracking! 

But the reality is that most of these concerns are unfounded. Even if you have a hard time finding things you love about your body, it’s quite likely that others would be able to list ALL KINDS of strong assets (and some may even envy certain goods!). For this reason, it’s worth taking a minute to appreciate your curves and the features that make you unique. 

But if you still feel you need an extra boost for your confidence, it’s worth looking at a few options that can boost your confidence when wearing a bathing suit. Of course, when you find a suit that flatters your figure, it’s a lot easier to feel great! 

  • Belted One-Piece Swimsuit: Belts are popular right now for suits of all sizes. If you are curvy, they can be your go-to style. Belted suits draw in the waistline and highlight an hourglass figure. This style can be enhanced by selecting a solid color. We don’t have any belted suits in our current collections, but think they can be a great option!

  • Solid Colors: Bold prints can sometimes make covered areas appear larger than they are, whereas solid colors will draw everyone’s eyes to the hourglass silhouette, making you feel like a million bucks.

  • High-Waisted Bikinis: High-waisted bikinis are another excellent option for curvy women who might want to show off a bit more skin. These suits often provide excellent tummy control while accentuating other curves. 

  • Like a belted one-piece, these suits can draw the waist in to deliver an hourglass figure. And when you have a patterned or embellished top, you can also attract more attention to the top of your body, accentuating the bosom. High-waisted bikinis can look amazing by creating a slimming effect and pulling attention to areas of the body that show off flattering curves. 

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  • Swim Dresses: Swim dresses are fabulous for curvy women worried about their thighs or hips. These bottoms cover any perceived problem areas in that region, but they also help taper the waistline for a slimming effect. 

  • Swim dresses often provide greater tummy control than bikini bottoms or even one-pieces - and as a bonus, these suits can be worn throughout the day. With a few accessories, a swim dress could be your go-to suit for the whole summer. In addition, they provide a great look that can greatly enhance one’s confidence. 

  • Swim Skirts: Similar to swim dresses swim skirts can provide greater coverage around the hips and thighs. However, they can be paired with a bikini top if you want a look that is a bit more revealing. 

  • The right swim skirt can benefit from greater coverage and drawing the waistline in for a slimming look. If they are paired with a bold top, they can also draw attention upwards, providing a very flattering overall look for curvy women. 

  • Bathing Suits with Adjustable Straps: Looking great is imperative when shopping for bathing suits. But it’s possible to have a suit that makes you look great, even if you feel miserable while wearing it - and that can kill your confidence very quickly. 

  • For this reason, it’s worth finding plus-size swimwear with adjustable straps. The extra flexibility you have with adjustable straps ensures you can make the suit fit your body, making you feel more comfortable. And it often delivers a better look. Conversely, if you are uncomfortable, it’s hard to look confident. 

  • Suits with an Underwire: While many women avoid suits with an underwire (and we totally support that move if you don’t want an underwire), a bathing suit with an underwire can lift the girls and draw attention to the top of your body. 

  • If you are curvy but feel some of your best features are on the upper half of your body, it’s a great idea to accentuate that area - and any one-piece or bikini with an underwire can accomplish that mission and help you feel and look great!

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  • Tankinis: Tankinis are great for providing maximum coverage to the tummy area (and delivering maximum tummy control). They often cover about the same body surface as a one-piece bathing suit (or more) but have the flexibility of bikinis. 

  • You can mix and match the tops and bottoms to create fun and unique looks. And tanking tops often have additional support and design embellishments that will enhance the curves you want to show off while covering the ones that cause you anxiety. 

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    These style options are generally great picks for any curvy woman. This list can serve as a starting point when shopping for suits this summer. Additional strategies that can make it easier to find a suit you love include:

    • Know your measurements. This tip is especially important if you are purchasing suits online. Nobody feels great in a suit that fits their body poorly. And since sizes may vary from one manufacturer to the next, it’s not a reliable indication when ordering a suit. Your best bet is to have your measurements taken by a professional or take them yourself using a standardized process
    • Look for embellishments. Many suits feature textures, patterns, and features that can create illusions when worn. Look for suits that embellish areas you like and minimize areas you may be more self-conscious of. This strategy is one of the easiest ways to find a suit you love!
    As a final tip, remember to be you! At the end of the day, the goal shouldn’t be to pick a suit that others love; it’s to find one you love. And to do that, you have to embrace your own style - which can create a ton of confidence!


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