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Beach Hacks Every Girl Needs to Know

The weather is warming up, leaving many eager to hit the beach! Summer is the time for friends, beautiful weather, and having a blast. So naturally, every girl wants to look her best on the beach. But sometimes, the heat and humidity can damper your summer look. 

Too much sun or sand can make for an uncomfortable day at the beach. To ensure you have the best time possible, consider the following beach hacks to make your time at the beach even more enjoyable!

  • Take some baby powder to stay sand-free. Every woman knows that baby powder is a beauty staple. But most don’t take it with them to the beach, which is a mistake. Baby powder is the perfect solution for sticky sand. 

  • Sand often sticks to our bodies when we sweat or spend time in saltwater. Baby powder can absorb this moisture from your skin and allow the sand to wipe right off of your body. 

    So say goodbye to sticky, uncomfortable sand all over your body. As a bonus, baby powder comes in multiple scents, so you can smell great at the beach even when sweating!

  • Use a self-tanner and SPF. If you make a mistake with the self-tanner, fix it with baking soda. While soaking in the maximum number of rays used to be a routine beach activity, we now know that the sun has harmful rays. These harmful rays prematurely age skin and can contribute to cancer development. 

  • Many women opt for a spray tan or a self-tanner for these reasons. Self-tanners used to have a bad rep for creating an orange look. But they have come a long way since they were first introduced. They can give you a great sun-kissed look. 

    However, if they aren’t applied uniformly and with care, you can create ‘mistakes,’ such as overly dark spots. But that doesn’t have to ruin your beach trip. Instead, you can simply correct these patches using a mixture of baking soda and water. This process will even out the self-tanner application and result in a much more uniform tan. 

  • Use dry shampoo. Many women sweat more during the summer months.  Women also tend to use more hair products to ensure their hair holds up in the heat and humidity. But that means the hair can quickly look greasy and dirty. 

  • But don’t worry, that doesn’t mean you have to wash it every day. Applying dry shampoo during the evening and letting it work its magic overnight can make your hair look great in between washes. If you are in a pinch, you can also use baby powder.  Baby powder works as well as a dry shampoo to absorb oil and sweat.

  • Keep some frozen aloe vera on hand. No matter how vigilant we are with sunscreen, it's almost inevitable that you will miss a spot or forget to reapply.

  • You may be left with a painful sunburn and sore, red skin. By freezing aloe vera cubes, you can have instant relief on hand. It can minimize the intensity of a sunburn quickly. 

    Aloe vera is an excellent healing agent that can quickly alleviate a sunburn - and frozen aloe vera is even better!

  • Use lemon juice to keep your summer clothes in great shape. Summer is hot, but it results in sweat. If you sweat enough, you can end up with pit stains on your favorite shirts. 

  • To keep your clothes looking bright and clean, you can squeeze lemon juice into the armpits (or anywhere with sweat) to remove the stain. This quick tip can keep many of your clothes from being ruined and ensure you look great all summer long!

  • Use tea bags to alleviate irritated skin. When you spend a long day being active in the sun, your skin can quickly become irritated, especially along bikini lines. 

  • When the skin becomes irritated or develops a rash, you can use tea bags to help the skin. Just steep a few chamomile tea bags, then let them cool in the freezer. After fifteen minutes, you can apply these teabags to the irritated area and allow the healing herbs to soothe your skin. 

  • Dryer sheets can repel bugs. If you spend a ton of time anywhere, you are bound to encounter a few six- or eight-legged creatures. While bug repellant is sometimes effective, you may not always remember to bring it. 

  • Additionally, some people have concerns about the chemicals found in these repellants. You can rub dryer sheets over your clothes and body as an alternative. Dryer sheets are highly effective at keeping the bugs away, and they smell way better than most bug repellants. 

  • Keep some frozen or cold water handy. If you are headed to the beach for a long day, chances are you are bringing an ice chest for refreshments. Remember that it is easy to become dehydrated quickly in the hot sun. 

  • When the temperature is warm, you need lots of extra fluids. Keeping some water bottles handy gives you a source of fluids that can last all day long. Frozen water bottles can also serve as a great ice pack if anyone suffers a minor injury at the beach.

    It’s time to get ready so you can have an epic summer. Find the right suit and line up friends who want to join the beach party, and keep these beach tips in mind. You will have a lot of fun at your favorite beach all summer long!


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