by Alison Conway November 14, 2017

Hey Strangers, this week, we’re going to be switching gears a bit and talking about something that hits a little too close to home. Sex trafficking has become a serious problem right here in northern Nevada, and Awaken is looking to the community to help them raise awareness about this issue. Awaken is a faith based organization located in Reno that works with victims of commercial sexual exploitation to help them recover. Started in 2011 by Melissa Holland and Jen Robinson, Awaken has helped hundreds of women out of sex trade by offering services such as basic outreach, mentorship, counseling, transitional housing, financial aid for college and much more.
Awaken seeks to end sex trafficking in northern Nevada by using their three step method of restoration, prevention and city transformation. Their main goal is to educate the community about the realities of human trafficking and how to prevent it from happening. They are asking for help from the community in order for this to happen. Here are some ways you can help:
Awaken holds numerous events around Reno where you can go and show your support. One of these events is an annual banquet held at the Peppermill Casino in November. For a calendar showing future events, head over to their website
This organization is constantly looking for passionate volunteers who will help them to end sex trafficking in northern Nevada.
Request a Speaker:
The people at Awaken pride themselves on spreading awareness to the community by going to different schools in Reno and speaking about what exactly they do. You can request a speaker through their website to come to any event or school in order to start the conversation about this issue.
As a non-profit organization, Awaken is always accepting donations of any amount and clothes are accepted as well.

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