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Ali's Power House Fitness Challenge

Wow… I can’t believe I’ve kept you waiting this long to clue you in on my cliffhanger and I’m super stoked to tell you that I decided that it was time for me to represent my own swimwear label and model in our 2020 campaign!
I never wanted to be the face of my company before. I mean, I always thought that it was a little self-centered and egotistical… and I still do in a way. However, after years of running Strange Bikinis and connecting with my customers and really listening to why you all love this brand, it made me reconsider showing face (and some bootay) in my campaigns.
If you have been following for some time then you know that I started this company because it was hard for me to find a swimsuit that fit me well. I wasn’t asking for much, just no extra love handle push from my bottoms, you feel me? I love wearing my suits, and I can’t believe the compliments and head turn I get when I do. Have you noticed that on yourself? The thing is, I just never felt that confident with myself. Please do not get me wrong, I didn’t feel not confident-
I just didn’t care. Big difference.
I didn’t care if I wasn’t in perfect shape, because I equally liked food as much as I did wearing bikinis so I accepted many years ago that my “half-assed” healthy body was fine with me. Not to make excuses, but for the last 8 years I have been working really hard on growing this business, and it’s difficult to focus really hard on more than one thing for long periods of time.
There’s a huge difference between 20 something Ali and 30 something Ali. I’m not sure if having a baby did this to me, but I can tell you that now I want to look sexy as hell in my bikini. There’s a desire now that wants to match the way I feel inside to the way I look on the outside. Listen, I do feel sexy because the designs and fit help me out a lot, but now I want to look as good as feel and I don’t think it’s too much to ask of myself. I don’t want to be sluggish and really want to reach my epitome of healthy! I’m going for it you guys. (TBH i’m sitting here thinking about Taco Bell right now- GD cravings) Erg. It’s going to be hard, but now--
I do Care.
Luckily for me I have been motivated by Power House Fitness and my good friend Lora Wagener and we have come up with something I’m super excited about. Strange Bikinis does so many fun things, and I want to keep building the community outside of selling products. I want to know I support you and, ultimately, I want to be friends. It takes a village ya’ll… to run a swimwear label.
So what are we doing? We are doing the first ever Strange Bikinis Fitness challenge. Shut the front door! What does that even mean….?!?!?!
Well, I can tell you the timing is perfect because Summer bods are made in the Winter.
Power House Fitness has created a special for Strangers to come in and practice crossfit together, but what’s even better is that you can come on your own (hey, scheduling is a bitch. I get that). We want to make sure you have access to the classes when it works for you. Or you can come to the dedicated “Stranger Fitness” class (more on that soon). You will get $50 off a monthly membership at Power House Fitness. That’s huge. If you know Reno Gyms everything for unlimited is so expensive. We have support from Ramp Reno which will be giving us discounts for meal prep plans.
Why would you even want to do this Challenge? Well, we thought about it and what better motivation then the same driving force that I had when working my butt off in Crossfit class? I want you to take this challenge, and at the end you will be a 2020 Strange Bikinis model in a professional shoot with Lora Wagener. Same shoot as we always do, but this time it’s with you. SHUT THE OTHER FRONT DOOR. We are working out the details here, but this would be a choice or add-on item. You don’t have to do the photoshoot, but let me tell you, I think it would be rad to have real life Strangers in the campaigns. Lora does the best job at making you feel and look 100%. Have you ever seen any of the other girls look anything but fire?
We also have the 2020 Big Dip and I was hoping this would be a great place to reveal our progress. Haven’t decided what that entails but at the very least wearing a bikini and jumping our butts in that lake!
Lastly, You will get yourself exclusive first dibs on Strange Bikinis 2020 collection. First to see it, feel it, try it on and first to purchase. We will have a night to celebrate you and your accomplishments and hard work. We will get sneak peaks of our photos and support each other. We could make massive changes to our health and do it as a group of Strangers! Are you in?
Space is limited, and this is a 100 full send commitment. Yes, you can still have a life around this challenge and we want to work with you to yield results… whether that’s 2 pounds, 20 pounds, just to tone up, learn Crossfit, or just feel better, we need to you to show up for yourself. If you want to just workout with us every once in a while, you can do that. Or if you want to go all out and join our meal prep, workout consistently, and be in the photoshoot, you can do that too. It is whatever you want to make it and we'll be right there with you.
@RenoPowerHouseFitness on Instagram Reno Power House
@LoraWagenerCo on Instagram Lora Wagener


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