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Your Go-To Guide to the 8 Types of Bikini Bottom Cuts

One of the beautiful things about wearing bikinis is the ability to mix and match nearly any bikini top with different bikini bottoms. Mix it up to your strange heart’s desire, the result can be a fantastic look that is all you! You can achieve a sexy or unique (strange, our fave) look. Or you can select items for comfort and sport. There are so many types of bikini bottom cuts and bikini tops that the sky is truly the limit. 

The downfall to such a diverse range of options is that it can be hard to be aware of or even understand them all. This article focuses on the different types of bikini bottom cuts and when each may be the best choice.

Classic bikini bottoms: The classic cut usually comes to mind when we think of bikini bottoms. They are proportional and offer moderate coverage. The simple style is one that many women gravitate toward as they provide a nice balance between a sexy look and comfort. Classic bikini bottoms may be a simple slip-on style, or they may feature string ties on the side. The classic bikini bottoms will deliver if you want coverage as well as an easy, balanced look.

Thong bikini bottoms: Although this look has variations, most women are also very familiar with thong bikini bottoms. Generally, thongs are ideal for showing that peach and tanning since you will have minimal tan lines. While the thong bikini bottom was risqué in past decades, it is now well-accepted in most areas of the world. It is a total rear exposing bikini bottom that we are here for!

Commonly there is full coverage in the front with solid hip straps or strings on the side. When it features strings on the side, the bottoms may be called tonga bikini bottoms. Thong bikini bottoms also come in three main types – the classic T-back thong, the banded thong, and the high-waisted thong. 

thong bikini bottom

Cheeky bikini bottoms: While nearly everyone is familiar with classic and thong bikini bottoms, the cheeky bottom has only become truly popular in recent years. The cheeky bikini bottom frequently features a triangle cut in the front but moderate coverage in the back. It reveals more than classic bikini bottoms, but not as much as thong bikini bottoms. 

The cheeky look is often referred to as ‘buttock cleavage.’ It is a highly versatile look that can be as sexy as you want it to be. The cheeky cut can be paired with a high waist, a low-rise bottom cut, or many other styles that add a bit more skin without the total exposure that a thong provides.  

cheeky bikini bottom

High-waisted bikini bottoms: High-waisted bikini bottoms are sometimes also called full-coverage bikini bottoms. This cut can adapt a retro look by providing ample coverage to your lower half that may extend to above your belly button, or it can have upper coverage with a more cheeky bottom. This look has been particularly trendy in the last few years. These bottoms are very flattering for many body types as they can make legs look longer. This look is one of our favorites and is so flattering. If you are looking for a little extra coverage and aren’t worried about tan lines, opt for high-waisted bikini bottoms.  

high-waisted bikini bottom

Brazilian cut bikini bottoms: Brazilian bikini bottoms are popular in many areas. They are more revealing than most other styles and often require confidence to wear. They provide for minimal tan lines and show off the body’s silhouette. But the look can turn heads. Brazilian bottoms frequently feature a low-rise front and higher cuts at the backside. They can have straps at the sides or strings. 

French cut bikini bottoms: French cut bikini bottoms have been trendy in the last year or so. These bottoms were the most popular style in the 1980s but enjoyed popularity. These bottoms feature an ultra high-rise hip revealing silhouette. The sides are placed above the hip bone to make the legs look longer. They can be paired with a cheeky cut on the back for an even sexier look. 

Some French cut bottoms have a band at the top to narrow the waistline, which is another flattering feature. While it takes a bit of getting used to when wearing French cut bikini bottoms, they are definitely going to be trendy in the upcoming summer! 

french cut bikini bottom

Hipster bikini bottoms: Hipster bikini bottoms are a near-universal figure-flattering style that hails from Australia. They are a timeless style that is suitable for many body types. They provide moderate coverage with a low front cut and usually feature thick straps across the sides that fall below the hip bone. Hipster bikini bottoms can also be found with a French cut, which blends the two styles by providing a thick strap above the hip bone that deepens into a low front cut. This sexy combination is perfect for many beach activities. 

Boy shorts: Boy shorts were trendy a few years ago and remain a common choice for bikini bottoms. They have a tomboy quality and look incredibly great on women with athletic bodies. These bikini bottoms are more modest than the cheeky cut and provide full coverage in both the front and the back. 

They commonly cover about the same area as many briefs would. And while that may not sound sexy, boy shorts can still be incredibly hot. And they are often perfect for a long day of bike riding, volleyball or swimming! They provide comfort and style. 

With spring just around the corner, many sites are now offering sales – so it is the perfect time to take advantage and find your ideal bikini bottoms! While this list shows many types of bikini bottom cuts, it should also be noted that it is not uncommon to see some of these styles blended to create unique looks. For instance, this suit combines a high waist with a cheeky cut. And this one combines a French cut with a thong

There are a million other combinations out there! So if you haven’t started already, get out there and shop for the perfect bikini bottoms that everyone will love this summer.


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