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Why a cold plunge is good for you...

If you haven't already heard, Strange Bikinis annual Lake Tahoe polar plunge is coming back! This year, The Big Dip will happen March 16, 11a at Mourelatos Lakeshore Resort. We'll start the day off with coffee, snacks, and a mini yoga sesh followed by the grand finale... running into freezing cold Lake Tahoe water! Learn more about The Big Dip here, www.strangebikinis.com/the-big-dip-2019.
Now, why the hell would you jump into freezing cold water for fun you might ask.. Well, for starters the registration fee is going to 2 amazing charities focused on improving the lives of women both locally and globally, Women as Change Makers and Zawadisha. Second, it is incredible good for your body! And here's why....
1. Improves Muscle Recovery
This might be the most obvious because I'm sure you've seen athletes take ice baths after a hard workout or game. But in case you're not totally sure how it works... When you immerse your body into cold water it lowers the temperature of damaged tissue and constricts blood vessels, in turn reducing swelling and inflammation for immediate pain relief. So hey, maybe choose to get in a good workout the day before!
2. Healthier Skin and Hair
You heard that right!! A cold dip can improve skin and hair! I can hear your excitement from here ladies ;). So how it works, cold water helps prevent your hair or skin's natural oils from being stripped AND reduces puffiness. Personally, before a photoshoot or big event I like to take a cold shower so I feel and look less puffy!
3. Burns Fat
All that shivering burns calories babes! In more technical terms, when you immerse your body into cold water it shocks your system and kicks the cardiovascular system into high gear. Your body needs energy to heat itself back up which means it will burn those calories and ramp up your metabolism! You'll be feeling extra fine in your Strange Bikini after taking a cold dip.
4. Boosts Your Mood
That rush you get before jumping into cold water and the feeling of accomplishment after... Yep, that's a
great combo to make you happier! Science has also shown that cold plunges or showers have actually helped treat depression symptoms. Feeling down lately? See if The Big Dip boosts your mood!
5. Full Body Cleanse
Move over juice cleanse... We have something better! Basically, a cold water plunge helps cleanse your body by helping your Lymphatic system. It helps because when you jump into cold water it causes your lymph vessels to contract, then pump lymph fluids throughout your body. This then triggers the immune system's white blood cells to attack and destroy any unwanted waste.
Basically what we're trying to say is, if you want to be healthier and happier join us in The Big Dip 2019!! And we might recommend taking a cold shower here and there ;) 
Register for The Big Dip here, www.strangebikinis.com/the-big-dip-2019.


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