by Alison Conway April 19, 2018

Hey Strangers!
Courtney here — peep me on Instagram at @cxxrtneyleigh.
This weekend I’m taking over Strange Bikinis to share all about my trip to Havasu Falls, Arizona.
Havasu Falls has been on my bucket list for almost five years. I vividly remember
sitting in a college theatre class feverishly looking up photos of the desert oasis on my laptop — the teal pools, the tall canyon walls, the endless pouring water. An actual dream.
I saw the pictures and was instantly set on going. Unfortunately, going is much harder than it appears on Instagram.
Havasu Falls — usually mistakenly called Havasupai Falls — is quite literally one of the most difficult places to get to.
The process requires permits, flying, driving, more driving, hiking, and hiking some more. Even with the work it took to get there, this adventure was one of my absolute favorites.
Here’s everything you need to know about going to Havasu Falls (and Mooney Falls) (and Beaver Falls) via Supai, Arizona! Words and photos don’t do the magic of this place justice, but I’ll do my best…
Check out my travel guide here where I talk white privilege, getting a permit, my packing list, hungry squirrels, and cliff-jumping.
Follow along on Instagram stories to see why Havasu Falls should be on your bucket list.

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