by Strange Bikinis December 18, 2020

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Let’s face it–2020 has been one crazy roller coaster of events. One way that I was able to take my mind off stress was by visiting the Sierra mountain hot springs near me. Last week we took a girls trip to explore some springs and unwind. 


My friends and I first hit up Travertine Hot Springs, which features numerous pools with unbeatable views. I stashed two bikinis for this trip, because visiting multiple hot springs calls for a couple of bikinis 😉 I know you’ve probably seen my last post about Strange Bikinis which talked all about how this small business is making big waves in the swimwear industry with their sustainable efforts. I am wearing the Arnica top and theSoquel french cut bottoms.


After a few hours of unwinding, we decided to head to another location–Buckeye Hot springs. This spring is the perfect place to soak–it is located under a small waterfall which runs right into the hot pool. One of my favorite parts about this pool is that it’s located right along the river. If you’re brave enough, take a dip. It is SO refreshing after soaking in this pool. In these shots I am wearing theFrolic Square Neck top andHannah Bikini bottoms 

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