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Plunging One-Piece Suits You Need to Consider

Summer 2022 is set to be a hot one, with tons of opportunities to spend time at the beach or soak in the sun. And one-piece swimsuits are one of the hottest anticipated styles for the new year. There are many reasons why one-piece swimsuits are making a strong appearance this year, including:

  • They look great on women of all ages, including (and, especially!) those over 40
  • They often have a classic look and pair well with many accessories. With the right combination, they can look sexy and sophisticated at the same time.
  • They are definitely in style, as one-piece suits have rivaled or even surpassed bikinis as the most popular type of suit. 
  • Many women feel more comfortable with the full coverage of one-piece suits. And it is less likely to have a wardrobe malfunction in a one-piece…ya know what we mean!
  • One-piece suits provide better sun protection.

And while all of these reasons are compelling enough to make anyone want a new one-piece suit, the best benefit is that they are sporty and sexy. The right one-piece can be sexier than a bikini. They highlight women’s bodies in unique ways by playing with designs, features, and accessories. And the cut is crucial because few suits can rival the steamy sexiness of a one-piece with a plunging neckline. If you need more evidence that a one-piece suit (or more) is essential to your summer collection this year, take a look at these sexy one-pieces with plunging necklines.

  • Stryker Cheeky One Piece: This sexy one-piece has a deep plunge in the front, further embellished by a sophisticated criss-cross string embellishment that attaches both sides in a bold look. This look is also paired with a sexy cheeky cut on the bottoms. The result is a classic look with a modern twist. It accentuates the bosom and is paired with a high cut on the hips to truly make this one-piece sizzle. With several different color options, you can be sure to find one that flatters your shape and gives you a killer look for the beach this summer. 
  • Stryker Long Torso One Piece: This daring one-piece is only found in multiple colors or a patterned option. And with a plunging neckline that ends just above the navel (which is also accentuated with a tie right at the bosom), it is one of the sexiest options you can find. It also has a deeply cut back to compliment the plunging top and has crossed patterns on the hips. This suit emphasizes the hips and bust for a soft and curvy look. It embodies femininity and is truly a look that everyone will envy. 
  • Frolic French Cut One Piece: The Frolic French Cut one-piece suit has a deep, scooped neck plunge that is bold and sexy. This cut is paired with a high leg cut, a cinching vertical design along both sides, and a cheeky cut on the bottoms. It is perfect for the upcoming year because it is a simple design that also creates a steamy look that is perfect for any setting. The French cut also features a minimalist design that is available in several colors or patterns, and best of all - it is reversible to ensure that if you need a new look, you have one that is already built into your current suit!
  • Galena Full Coverage One Piece: The neckline on this one-piece is a bit more subtle than others on the list, but don’t let that fool you - this suit is still incredibly sexy. It comes in multiple colors with a subtle scoop neck paired with an open back. And as most women already know, sometimes showing a little less is the best way to create a sexy mystique. The suit is further accentuated with peek-a-boo ladder details, which also show just a bit of skin, but not too much! 
  • Runched Leopard Print Swimsuit: A daring leopard or animal print is often combined with a deep plunging neckline that shows off the collar bones and highlights the sexy curves on top. These suits may also feature other embellishments that also accentuate any area of the body you want it to. And they are often affordable, meaning this option won’t break the bank while still delivering a steamy summer look. 
  • Wide Strap One-Piece Swimsuits: These suits have a style that can be truly unique. And with a wide strap to make a plunge appear even deeper, they can create a sexy look, especially when paired with bright colors or side ties high on the hips. These features further accentuate the natural curves of the female form. 
  • Deeply Cut One-Pieces: Some plunging one-pieces have necklines that sink deep into the torso until just above the navel. And while this look isn’t for everyone, it is certainly going to be a hot style this summer. A deep plunge highlights what is arguable one of the sexiest areas of the female body - that bit of skin between the bosom. And you can pair this cut with many styles and colors to strike the perfect balance for the look you are trying to achieve!

  • Plunging one-piece swimsuits might be the ultimate one-piece swimwear. They provide the benefit of full coverage that many women find appealing with one-piece swimwear. But they also flatter the natural curves most women have in their bosom - and draw attention to this sexy region of the body.

    These one-piece suits with plunging necklines allow women to feel incredibly sexy without feeling too exposed. They bring the right type of balance that many women seek when shopping for a new summer suit. And if you look at any of the fashion predictions for summer 2022, you will find them filled with one-piece options that feature a plunging neckline. Any of the options on this list is sure to make your summer sizzle, so be sure to try on a few one-piece options with deep plunges while shopping for your suits this year. You will be sure to find one that delivers the look you want!


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